It’s November, and it’s here again
No Nut November😈
“Nut” is a slang term for ejaculation,
and No Nut November, as the name suggests,
is a challenge to not ejaculate throughout November, that is, total abstinence! 😇

The origin of No Nut November

Believe it or not, the source of No Nut November actually comes from Urban Dictionary users

bicboi6969696969 posted on November 3, 2011, advocating that all men should ban ejaculation in November 🙅🏻‍♂️. Afterwards, it relied on the power of the Internet to spread from one person to another, and eventually became a nonsensical "tradition"😂.

TCM’s view on abstinence

"One drop of semen, ten drops of blood?"

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "essence and blood come from the same source", and both come from the yang/essence stored in the kidneys.
Each ejaculation will consume your physical strength. Excessive indulgence in lust will waste your kidney essence and will definitely harm your body.

Western medicine’s view on abstinence

"Would abstinence make you healthier?"

There is currently no research showing that abstinence is good for health. On the contrary, long-term suppression of sexual desire may affect mood and increase stress.
There are also men who abstain from sex in order to improve sperm quality. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the two.
As long as you maintain a good diet and living habits, it is enough to build a healthy sperm corps 😎.

However, some doctors say that abstinence is an exercise in personal will and perseverance.
It shifts time and goals to complete other tasks, thus increasing efficiency and sense of accomplishment.

Hard-line J-method - Soft and comfortable style

Having said that, sometimes the feeling of shame and taboo of "ejaculation but not being able to ejaculate" can make people feel uneasy 😳
You can try try using a chastity lock 🔒 to lock the JJ, and the desire is not satisfied 🥵

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Hard-line J-method - Metal Thrillist

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Hard-line J-method - Comprehensive Preparation

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Is the lock heavy and awkward?

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strong> 👀,
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