Dick Cheese

Dick Cheese 是什麼?

What is Dick Cheese?

The infamous (literally) Smegma!

Smegma usually accumulates in the coronal sulcus (where the bottom of the glans connects to the foreskin)
The yellowish-white mud looks like cheese, so it is nicknamed Dick Cheese~


The ingredients of smegma

Smegma is composed of exfoliated epidermal cells (i.e. horny/dead skin) + sebum (including protein) + moisture (sweat/urine)
Coupled with a humid and warm environment, it is simply the favorite of bacteria 🦠

If it is a hot summer🥵 or after sweating exercise💦
the foreskin is left up for a long time, it will produce an unspeakable strong smell🥴


The role of foreskin sebum

The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the foreskin
actually has the function of moisturizing and lubricating the glans
But if it accumulates too much + neglects cleaning
it will form smegma


What are the harmful effects of accumulating too much smegma?

Excessive accumulation of smegma will affect the appearance (JJ has to meet people🥺)
It will also affect the sexual experience (BB, you have such a strong smell😫)
It also has hidden sexual health risks😟, The most common cause is balanoposthitis


How to avoid smegma accumulation?

1. Clean well: take a daily shower with clean water + gently scrub the penis into strips with your hands (if possible, slowly + gently roll down the foreskin for cleaning)
2. Cut the foreskin: the foreskin is too long/has If you have phimosis, you can also consult a doctor and consider circumcision
3. Loose clothing: Try to choose loose and comfortable underwear and pants
4. Use Phimosis Ring: When wearing a phimosis ring, it can temporarily keep the foreskin rolled down


Phimosis ring recommendation

You can choose the same size according to your needs

Dick cheese 007

Although many people don’t like Dick Cheese very much
But there are also people who love it very much, and even save it up to taste it😳
As the saying goes, salted fish and vegetables have their own advantages
Just be careful and don’t worry about it. It’s OK if you have inflammation👌🏻

Dick cheese 008

The body has many natural secretions
No need to feel ashamed
Just do a good job of daily cleansing + take methods to solve or relieve the situation
It’s all good