GINRO 姿態篇卡牌

GINRO Bed Card Games - Posture

💜 9 scenes, 10 interactions, 25 different postures

💜 Provide suggestions on posture, scene, and prop matching

💜 Comes with Jiugongge Bingo challenge~

GINRO 前戲篇 精裝版卡牌
GINRO 前戲篇 便㩗版卡牌


GINRO Bed Card Games - Front Play

💜 Hardcover version + portable version in two sizes

💜 The hardcover version comes with 2 dice, 3 scales, 32 commands, and 44 cards

💜 The portable version is half thinner than the hardcover version and comes with instructions and time cards


GINRO Bed Card Games - BDSM

💜 Contains nipple clamps, 14 command cards, 12 prop cards, 8 rope binding cards, safety reminder cards, and card protective covers

💜 Covers rope bondage training / domination and submission / sadomasochism ~

💜 Safe, healthy and step-by-step experience of BDSM fun