誤區 1:前戲只需幾秒❓

Myth 1: Foreplay only takes a few seconds❓

AV due to plot needs, foreplay will really Hea do 😅,

Even skip the direct entry... 😒

Enough foreplay can make the body and mind more engaged, improve sexual pleasure 💞!

誤區 2:口水當 lube 用❓

Myth 2: Saliva as lube ❓

The more lam lips get drier 👅, saliva as lube will be good, fast, dry 😵!

Saliva in addition to super many bacteria 🦠, lubrication is insufficient,

Be good, buy a lube 💧~

誤區 3: 抽插愈耐,愈「能幹」愈舒服❓

Myth 3: The longer the thrusting, the more "competent" and comfortable ❓

Jumping for hours, constantly switching positions, male and female actors constantly orgasm?🤯

The longer you thrust ≠ the better 👊🏻!

Everyone's body is different, physical exhaustion will affect sexual interest... 🙁

誤區 4:潮吹先係高潮❓

Myth 4: Squirting is orgasm❓

Actress "squirt" screen endless 😳, producing "no squirting no orgasm" fallacy 🙅🏻 ♀️.

AV plot is a plot, even if they really had orgasm,

Not everyone/every time will squirt 🤦🏻‍♀️!

誤區 5:要連綿不斷地呻吟❓

Myth 5: To moan continuously ❓

Is it really cool or does it increase the effect of eroticism🧐?

Order or not, order when you feel comfortable! It's stressful to "deliver the movie" all the time 😫~

Moaning all the time, how does the other person know if he hit your "joy hole"🤭?

It's up to you 😛~