Coffee, Toy or Me? 玩具會取代伴侶嗎?

玩具 vs 伴侶


If sex is a dish, toys are condiments 🧂

Sex is so great, in addition to because there is pleasure, there is also emotional exchange and skin temperature - these are toys irreplaceable!

But sex also needs sensuality and freshness, just like a dish becomes monotonous without seasonings.

And toys are “sex seasonings” that add endless fun to sex!


Toys can instead bring partners closer?

As long as you know how to make good use of toys, you can actually create passion and close the distance :

1) Enjoy at the same time: Many toys can actually be enjoyed together, shared by men and women, not afraid of each other's selfish play!
2) Easier Orgasm: Use the unique features of the toy to make it easier for both parties to orgasm!
3) Remote toys: The most hit long d remote toy now, so that both parties in both places can be excited to fly!
4) Improve performance: Train durability with airplane cups, explore sensitive zones with vibrators, and get handy on the field!
5) Release libido: There is no need to suppress libido when masturbating with toys. Bold attempts will greatly increase the desire for each other!

We-Vibe Chorus 手機智能遙控情侶共震器

We-Vibe Chorus

💞 Inner G-spot outer clitoris, orgasm come quickly
💞 Wear during sex, so that both parties orgasm repeatedly
💞 Can be remotely controlled with mobile app, break the distance limit

Fun Factory Manta 多功能陰莖自慰震動器

Fun Factory Manta

💞 Both can masturbate, and can shake the sister
💞 Used during oral sex, improve the feeling of deep throat
💞 During sex, it is placed on the penis and instantly becomes a human flesh vibrator

Lovense Diamo 手機智能遙控震動持久環

Lovense Diamo

💞 Wear during sex to improve the hardness and durability of the penis
💞 Bringing strong vibration stimulation to each other during thrusting
💞 Remote control with mobile app, endless play