喜穴 團隊 大合照 pleasure point team


We are a dynamic team of trend-savvy, fun-loving, rope-tying and creative sexthusiasts. We are gay, straight, chatty and curious, with a never-ending lust for sexploration.


It all started when Kevin, one of the co-founders, purchased his first sex toy, the Fleshlight Fleshjack Endurance Jack, on his 18th birthday. It was love at first stroke.

As a deeply sensual person, Kevin is perpetually fascinated by the design and functions of sex toys, as he starts to amass an impressive collection from his naughty (quite literally) shopping habits. Bit by bit, stroke by stroke, sex toys became an inseparable part of Kevin’s life, even replacing dessert on some occasions.

As chatterbox Kevin started sharing his euphoric sexperiences with his mates, he quickly became aware of their unfamiliarity and preconceptions towards sex toys, not to mention the anatomy of even their own body.

A stroke (pun intended) of revelation struck Kevin before he quit his job as an in-house legal counsel. He girded his loins and decided to plunge into the sex toy industry. Kevin was adamant on changing people’s perception towards sex toys, one vibe at a time.

Kevin’s passion and determination inspired Zion, the other co-founder, Feyfey and LL. It was through Kevin that Zion had his first sex toy experience, Feyfey transformed her period game after trying her first menstrual cup, with LL tagging along to spread the sexual positivism.

And thus, something sweet and magical was born.

Together, Kevin, Zion, Feyfey and LL made it their mission to create something free and fun. Don’t be surprised to catch them lol-ing in public together with a vibrator in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Just like you, we’re constantly hunting for the best stuff.
Just like you, we’re yearning to talk to a considerate and knowledgeable insider. 
Just like you, we’re looking for a space to talk about love and pleasure without restraint.

Pleasure Point houses the most reliable, premium and trendy pleasure toys and sexual health products, meticulously curated from all over the world.

As with most things in life, sex toys are deeply personal. There’s always something that ignites your senses at Pleasure Point so the only limit is your imagination. Every item is carefully selected, personally tested and rigorously studied with only one goal in mind – to bring a smile and peace of mind to your life.

Pleasure Point is a celebration of dreams, love, pleasure and most importantly friendship. We invite you to embark on this sexpedition and come up to chill and hang with the fearsome foursome at our Pleasure Playground.

Stay Sexy! 
Kevin, Zion, Feyfey & LL


Safety, stupid

What goes in doesn’t necessarily always come back out. We study our products with such immense scrutiny to ensure they are entirely body safe and do not contain anything questionable.

Quest for quality

The greatest let-down doesn’t come from not finding the one, but finding the one that doesn’t last. Fret not, such heartbreakers will never set foot at our doorstep.

Fun factor

The cute designs, vibrant colors or unique functions of our products will make you just as euphoric as devouring magic brownies on a unicorn prancing on rainbow clouds.


Sexual well-being means more than just having core-shaking orgasms. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one of all, so while you’re showering others with gallons of love, don’t forget to show yourself some lovin’ with the “3Cs of Sexual Well-being”.

Comfort in your own skin

You are beautiful no matter your color, shape or size. Your body is a hardworking machine, so appreciate it, flaunt it and reward it with the best vibes in town.

Confidence with your own sexuality

No matter which way you swing or what kind of, ahem, *diet* you prefer, let your inner beast roar! A rainbow is only complete with all of its colors, so shine like a diamond!

Complete sexual autonomy

Free the genie in your bottle vs. keeping it in your pants? At the end of the day you know your body best, so just (safely) march to the beat of your own drum!

With the “3Cs” come a healthier body, more intimate relationships and, you betcha, deeper orgasms.