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喜穴 團隊 大合照 pleasure point team

The mission of Xixue

Here at Xi Point, you can find the world's most innovative, high-quality and unique adult sex toys and sexual health products.

Through high-quality services and educational activities, you will have a happy shopping experience, learn more about yourself and your partner, and improve your quality of life.

Step into the joy point and discover joy!

Our Team

We come from all over the world and are full of enthusiasm for the fun life! Each member will share and comment on sex toys or sex life with their own strength. Zhonghui will shoot short videos and hold events from time to time to promote sexual health knowledge and publicize a positive attitude towards sex!

The Xixue team includes LGBT members and straight daughters. All of them are confident in their product knowledge field, love to talk about sex, and have endless curiosity. They can both blow and play!

Our Vision

We believe that knowledge is power. Through a series of sexual education content promotion, activities and exchanges, we are constantly striving to promote sexuality education, hoping to popularize sexual knowledge so that more people can understand their own bodies, and they can also talk about sex in a positive and open manner. Reduce labels and prejudice and build a more open, diverse and inclusive Hong Kong.

Our Story

Since Kevin got his first masturbation cup on his 18th birthday - Fleshjack Endurance Jack Endurance Jack Training Masturbation Cup, his life has been turned upside down!

Unwittingly, Kevin has amassed a large private collection...

Good talk Kevin would share with his friends how he felt after using sex toys whenever he had the chance, and found that many of his friends not only misunderstood sex toys, but also understood their own bodies.

When Kevin resigned from his legal counsel job, he decided to use his experience and knowledge to change the way people think about sex toys. And this enthusiasm has infected Zion and the people around him.

That's it, "Xi Point" was born.

We are committed to creating a fun, free and comfortable space in Hong Kong, a traditional and conservative city with few people and many people, so that everyone can talk and share knowledge.

I hope that when you step into the happy cave, it will be like a happy child stepping into a playground. You can even explore the joy in the concussion-level laughter that seems like a child playing, and become your "fun playground".