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Xixue is committed to building a diverse and positive sex education culture, while providing everyone with high-quality, playful products.

We have been able to get to where we are today, not only because of everyone's selfless love and strong support, but also because of our team who can play and play well, have outstanding taste and demand!

We hope to work with you to promote sexual health and education. If you, like us, love Hong Kong and want to work in a positive, healthy, inclusive and respectful environment, then you might as well join our team!

Xi Point Culture

- People Oriented: Provide on-the-job training to enable teams to develop their potential;
- Customer First: Treat customers sincerely and provide a comfortable and private space for shopping and chatting;
- Team spirit: Help each other and achieve goals together;
- Close communication: Happy, sincere communication, respect for different opinions;
- Happy and positive: The working environment does not have too many institutional restrictions, allowing the team to develop creativity;
- Diversity and Inclusion: People with different experiences and sexual orientations are very welcome to join us.

    Love Specialist (Mong Kok Store - Part-time)

    "Sex experts are more than just a store clerk. In addition to handling the daily business of the store, including stocking the shelves, ensuring the shelves and warehouses are neat and orderly, and recommending high-quality sex life products to customers, they will also be positive about sex. Information, sexual education content, sexual health knowledge, and tips on sexual pleasure are passed on to every friend who comes into contact with Xi acupoints online and offline through conversations with customers, and even writing experience or educational articles. The established goal is to open up all topics related to everyone's "sexuality".
    In order to achieve this goal, we will train every team member with good intentions, regardless of full-time or part-time. I hope that every team member can grow with us and share the sexual knowledge learned with our guests. Therefore, if you are riding a donkey and horses, and you just want to use a short-term part-time job to pass the time and get more food, then this part-time job is definitely not suitable for you .
    If you have the same sense of mission as we do, you may wish to share with us the following points when you submit your application. You would like to join the Xixue team. What are your expectations for this position? Thoughts on sex education, etc. Relevant work experience is important, but what we value more is your passion for sex life and sex education. Looking back on 2021, the achievements of Xixue all depend on the hard work and enthusiasm of the team. If you really want to bring some positive changes in the field of sexual pleasure and same-sex education, you are very welcome to join the Xi Point team and have sex with us in this fun playground! "

    Hope you are...

    - Has a keen sense of trend and likes to explore new things;
    - Curious and enthusiastic about sex toys, sexual health and sexual knowledge;
    - Active and outgoing personality, hospitality, attentive and enthusiastic, likes to talk to people ;
    - Good conversational and writing skills in Cantonese, English and Mandarin;
    - Familiar with Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.);
    - Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator There are additional advantages;
    - Experience is not limited (the most important thing is enthusiasm ❤️).

    Job Responsibilities

    - Handle the daily operation of the store, including product sales, product listing, inventory, etc.;
    - Always learn correct and sufficient health and product knowledge;
    - Assist in organizing irregular sex education and sexual pleasure workshops;
    - Provide in-store services, including customer assistance, product recommendations, logistics arrangements, etc.;
    - Manage online services, including order follow-up, Return and exchange products, answer inquiries, etc.;
    - Always ensure that the store is neat and tidy, and the shelves are neatly arranged;
    - Assist in the implementation of the company's online and offline sales strategies.

    【Full-time】 Salary

    - 5 days a week (flexible working days)
    - Overtime salary
    - Sales commission
    - Staff Shopping Discount
    - Performance Bonus
    - Attendance Award
    - Marriage Leave
    - Birthday Leave
    - Maternity Leave/Pending Maternity Leave
    - Compassionate Leave
    - On-the-job Training

      [Part-time] Salary

      - 2-3 working days per week (flexible working days)
      - Sales commission
      - Employee shopping discount
      - Performance Bonus
      - Attendance Award
      - On-the-job training

      How to apply

      We are waiting for you to join the Xi Point team!

      If you want to apply for any position, immediately send CVto

      with Salary expectations