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Lily Cup One



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Lily Cup One

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The Ultimate Menstrual Cup for Beginners!

Lily Cup One is the perfect starter cup for beginners of all ages - it uses only the smoothest medical grade silicone and has a special, easy-to-use design!

Thanks to its unique bubble design, Lily Cup One is small in size but still offers high-capacity coverage. It can be worn for up to 12 hours of protection that you won't even feel, plus it has a leak-proof double rim and removal loop that make Lily Cup One extra beginner-friendly.

Lily Cup One is reusable and ecological, making it the best tampon and pad alternative. It also collapses flat into a cute, compact case so you can take it on the go, meaning you're never caught off guard by you period again!

Lily Cup One comes in one size and covers light to heavy flow.

Why Should You Choose Lily Cup One?

  • It's the easiest, most comfortable cup for beginners
  • Small in size, but high in capacity
  • Versatile - trim the loop for a shorter stem
  • Leak-proof double rim - for total peace of mind
  • Collapses to fit in tiny carrying case


  • Up to 12-hours of period protection - day or night
  • Can't feel it at all during use
  • Ultra-hygienic 100% medical grade silicone
  • No harmful chemicals, fibers or bleaches
  • Reusable and eco-friendly

How to use:

Using Lily Cup One is easy – simply fold the ultra-soft, flexible cup and insert. Wear for up to 12 hours, remove, wash, and reinsert.

Clean: Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before using your Lily Cup One. Before first use, fully submerge your cup in boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes and repeat between cycles.

Fold: There are many ways you can fold your Lily Cup One but we recommend the Half-V punch fold... 1) Hold your Lily Cup One upright; 2) Push the rim down; 3) Firmly hold the body of your cup; 4) Insert the pointed end first.

Insert: As you would with a tampon, angle your cup towards your tailbone and insert it upwards until the ring is inside.To avoid spotting, gently squeeze the base of the cup (not the ring) then rotate slightly. This ensures that the cup has fully opened and that a seal has formed.

Your cup should be entirely inside your vagina. If the ring or part of your cup sticks out, gently remove it and reinsert.

Wear for up to 12 hours: the cup should be emptied 2-3 times per 24 hour period

Remove & Empty: To remove, wash your hands thoroughly and sit in a squatting position. Relax your body and use your vaginal muscles to gently push the cup down. Then grip the removal ring and slowly pull downwards. Once you can reach the base of the cup, softly squeeze the base to release the seal. Pull the stem downwards and, when you feel that the base is almost out, angle it slightly to avoid any spillage.

Rinse & Reinsert: Discard your menstrual fluid into the toilet, wash your cup, and reinsert.

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Lily Cup One