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Energy Lotion - Soft Silky Lubricant



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Energy Lotion - Soft Silky Lubricant

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Exclusive blend of 3 energy-enhancing ingredients for men - citrulline + guarana + arginine to unleash your power.

Want to infuse a little extra something to your run-of-the-mill masturbation and lovemaking? Men's Max Energy Lotion is here to spice things up!
With an exclusive formula containing citrulline, guarana and arginine, Energy Lotion not only boosts your manhood but also equally supports the woman's intimate health, igniting passion for both of you. The efficacy of Energy Lotion's active ingredients has also been medically tested. Its vitality boosting effects are not only effective and safe, but have also been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan. It is officially included in the cosmetics category with a shelf life of up to 5 years. With four different styles to choose from, there's bound to be one for every mood!
Citrulline is generally considered to be an ingredient that increases blood circulation, thus boosting energy. It does this by slightly expanding blood vessels, increasing blood flow and flooding cells with essential nutrients.
Guarana was originally used as a natural stimulant and analgesic by the aborigines of the tropical forest. Today, the efficacy of Guarana has been widely recognised and is often used to raise energy, reduce fatigue, improve endurance and enhance physical strength.
Arginine contains numerous health benefits, including raising energy, improving sexual function, and increasing hormone secretion, which can benefit both men and women.
HARD High Viscosity Lubricant
- The most viscous style in the Energy Lotion range, very stringy
- Moderately moisturizing
- Recommended for extended play and particularly suitable for use with masturbators / masturbation cups and dildos for pronounced texture

SOFT Silky Lubricant
- Silky smooth texture, slightly stringy
- Highly moisturizing
- The most versatile style in the Energy Lotion range, suitable for the daily use of most users, including lubricant novices

GEL Rinse-free Lubricant
- Rinse-free watery gel-like texture, not stringy
- Highly moisturizing
- For those who value convenience, as it is the easiest to clean in the Energy Lotion range and can simply be tissued off after use

COOL GEL Cooling Lubricant
- Rinse-free watery gel-like texture, not stringy
- Highly moisturizing
- Recommended for those seeking extra sensorial stimulation, bringing you a breath of freshness and comfort on hot summer days

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<transcy>Energy Lotion - Soft Silky Lubricant</transcy>

Energy Lotion - Soft Silky Lubricant