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Onahole Heating System



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Onahole Heating System

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You are alone at home now, with your fave onahole and lube. What do you feel like missing?

You miss that warmth! The warmth from a partner that blends with yours. The cup feels your temperature, but do you feel her temperature, too?

OTAKU's onahole heating system is specially designed for the anime masturbation cup, which will raise the comfort, passion and happiness to the fullest!

How to use: Add an appropriate amount of lubricating fluid to the mouth of the cup, then insert the heating rod into the channel, plug the other end of the wire into the USB power supply, and wait for a few minutes.
Disinfection UV Lamp

The UV-C ultraviolet lamp on the top plays a sterilizing function in the deepest channel of the aircraft cup, which is the most difficult to wash, and suppresses various harmful substances hidden in the depths, so as to protect the health of the private parts.

Note: Do not direct UV light into eyes

Automatic temperature control

It has the function of intelligent induction to detect temperature, the red light and green light will flash alternately when heating, and turn green when it reaches about 42°C;

When the temperature is low to a certain temperature, it will be heated again, infinitely circulating, to ensure that it will not be too hot to burn the channel.

5 minutes rapid heating

Heat the channel to about 42°C-52°C in 5 minutes, even the deepest part,

Imitates real vaginal body temperature and greatly enhances the real sex experience

Universal length

The total length of the stick is 21cm, the length of the heating body is 18cm, and the diameter is 1.9cm, ensuring that even the largest aircraft cup and the narrowest channel can be fully heated.

Safe and waterproof

The stick body adopts 360° multi-waterproof design, which can be easily washed with water

Thickened Shell

The thickness of the shell is 2.4mm, in addition to being more durable, it disperses the heat evenly and prevents the channel from being scalded

USB powered, available anywhere

The cable is 100cm long, supports USB3.0 output, can be connected to a power bank, and can be used anywhere.

Note: Using a USB2.0 socket will cause poor heating effect due to insufficient voltage. It is recommended to use a USB3.0 output socket.

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Onahole Heating System