Monster Pub 品牌介紹

Monster Pub®的設計概念充滿少女心 —— 調皮、聰明、好看。自帶手機應用,遠距離玩樂、全球共享喜悅,全不是問題。其中 Magic Kiss 調皮多變的靈活小舌,吸引了萬千少女將它們帶回家。馴養你的小怪獸,讓它們好好為你服務吧!

Monster Pub®- A popular female pleasure toy brand, aims to create a better lifestyle for girls worldwide by providing innovative and experiential products, including software, hardware, contents and other experience services. We have put a lot of effort into the appearance of our products to create basic characters of naughty, smart and handsome personalities. Removing the embarrassing feeling (especially in your first viewing of the product) is the first step. We want to build an emotional connection with our products through design.