Menstrual Cups - Menstrual Cups, Pads and Tampons Competition

Mstrual cup, pad and tampon competition

Nervous about taking the first step?

Actually, we understand that beginners will have different degrees of resistance to menstrual cups. Not convenient? Not feeling well? Not hygienic? All these methods are very common and normal.

Maybe you don't have a choice, and you don't know what can replace disposable hygiene products, so your thoughts on menstruation are limited to this. Just like when you're using pads or tampons for the first time, it's always challenging to accept new things, let alone personal ones. But the benefits of a menstrual cup are too numerous to ignore! Why don't you try, how can you live up to your precious body?

Menstrual Cup Pads and tampons
Causing vaginal dryness?
Fiber residue?
Exposure to pesticides, bleaches, fragrances and questionable ingredients?
Need a backup?
Irritating the skin and causing allergies?
Add landfill or waste incineration?
Worry-free protection up to 12 hours?
Environmental protection?
Saving money?

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