Guide to prostate massaging

Guide to prostate massaging

Preparation before massage

  • Set aside at least one hour and do not rush to start the prostate massage
  • Lock the door and turn off the phone to isolate yourself in order to reduce distractions
  • Keep your great toys nearby: lubricant, gloves, towels, wet wipes, sex toys, condoms, water, etc.
  • Perform personal hygiene such as bathing and clipping nails, and perform an enema if necessary

If you are trying prostate massage for the first time, we do not recommend to bring a bed partner or use sex toys first. It is recommended to try it a few times with your fingers first. Exploring the anus with your finger is the best way to understand the location of the prostate. After identifying the location of the prostate through touch, it will be more efficient to use sex toys and guide your bed partner in the future. When exploring on your own, you can proceed at your own speed and rhythm, and enjoy massage in a stress-free environment.

What position should I use when doing prostate massage alone?

Men with soft limbs and longer arms and fingers will have an advantage when it comes to self-massage of the prostate. If you encounter tightness in your wrists during the exercise, please listen to your body. If you feel pain, be sure to stop and rest. The following two methods are easier postures:

1. Lower your body
Open your knees, squat down, and lower your butt towards the groundInsert your fingers between your legs and lift them toward your penis. It will be easier if you have flexible and supple wrists and fingers.


2. Turn back
Lift your legs up and down. You can lie on your side on the bed with your legs bent, or you can stand with one leg on a chair and one leg on the ground.Turn your upper body to the raised leg, and at the same time stretch the arm on the same side toward the anus, insert your thumb or two fingers, and flex or swing them left and right until the fingertips touch the front wall of the rectum.


What are the actions and steps to explore the location of the prostate?

Before inserting anything, we recommend applying lubricant to the anal entrance and slowly massaging it with your fingertips to help relax the sphincter muscles. Avoid stroking the penis at the same time during insertion, as this will cause the sphincter to tighten, making anal penetration more difficult.

Slide your finger into the anus, pass through the sphincter muscle, and then enter the rectum that first curves and then flattens.

You need to press along the front wall of the rectum to try to feel the shape and texture of the prostate. The prostate body is roughly shaped like a sphere. When you simply slide your finger on the front wall of the rectum, the texture of the prostate surface will be as soft and smooth as other parts, or it may have slight wrinkles, making it difficult to distinguish. When you apply pressure toward your belly, the prostate will feel firmer than the surrounding tissue. The process of constant pressure causes the prostate body to expand, making its spherical shape easier to identify. You can first put your fingers deep into the rectum and start exploring from the inside to the outside. Hold your fingertips at one point and apply pressure for a few seconds. Release it and then perform the same pressure and release movement a little lower until you find a place that feels particularly different. It is very likely that you found the prostate!

The location and shape of the prostate

If the process is painful, apart from slowing down and taking a pause, you can also...

  • Lie down, relax, and take a deep breath;
  • Add some actions that give you pleasure, such as touching your nipples, to make your body feel that backcourt play is pleasurable. At the same time, it can also build up your desire to be penetrated through sexual excitement and help your pectineal muscles relax.
  • Apply more lubricant;
  • Pull out the inserted object slowly so as not to make the pain worse;
  • Change to an object with a smaller size;
  • Stop and try another day;

What are some tips for finding the location of the prostate?

You can try watching adult-oriented videos to keep yourself sexually excited during the process. In addition to enlarging the prostate and making it easier to feel, it can also make the anus more relaxed and avoid discomfort, giving you the patience to continue exploring. You can try abstaining from sex for three days to build up your sexual desire!

If you still can’t find the location of the prostate, you can try to achieve orgasm and ejaculation through other methods with finger insertion. Because the swelling of the prostate is most obvious just before and at the moment of ejaculation, you will be more likely to recognize its shape with your fingertips! However, your sexual arousal will also subside, and prostate massage may need to wait until your next sexual arousal.

Prostate Massage Techniques

Don’t poke, just stroke

We are used to pressing the keyboard with fingertips, but poking the prostate is not the correct action. Such technique can produce a feeling that is too strong, uncomfortable, or even painful.On the contrary, we should use the fingertips to apply gentle pressure in the form of sliding the screen with the thumb to effectively massage the prostate.

Start slowly and gradually increase in intensity

The concept of "more is better" does not apply to prostate massage. "Slow" and "light" are the core. Only during orgasm or in an extremely excited state can men withstand or enjoy intense prostate stimulation. If you press quickly and hard at the beginning, the uncomfortable feeling can numb the nerve endings and prevent you from feeling subsequent pleasure.In fact, small movements can produce big results. As your excitement level increases, slowly increase the intensity to a level that is bearable and enjoyable.



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