Menstrual Cup - Your First Menstrual Cup

Your first menstrual cup

Find and measure your cervix

To know the best size menstrual cup for you, you must first find and measure your cervix.

The cervix is ​​a tight circular muscle through which menstrual fluid flows from the uterus to the cervix for excretion. The cervix feels somewhat like the tip of the nose, while the vaginal walls feel like the inside of the cheek. The cervix can change position according to your menstrual cycle, so to check the position of the cervix correctly, you should wait until the menstrual cycle is measured, because the cervix is ​​at its lowest position at that time.

To measure the height of the cervix, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands;
  2. Go to the bathroom and lift one of your feet over the toilet seat, then insert your index finger into your vagina;
  3. Determine your cervix height based on the following list:

Cervical Height Observation Features
Low cervix When the index finger reaches the second finger joint, it can already touch the cervix
Ordinary cervix The index finger is fully inserted and can touch the cervix
High cervix The index finger is fully inserted, but the cervix cannot be touched

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