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G-19 Secret Uterus



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G-19 Secret Uterus

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Hyper Realistic Simulation + Boldly Fantastical Imagination = Sixth Generation G-19 Secret Uterus

Drawing inspiration from and built upon the foundation of the "17" super realistic series, the deeply mysterious uterus is once again recreated and presented to you like never before.

Reinterpretation of a Classic

Who is G-19? She is a cheerful and energetic girl who is as generous and giving as the expansive ocean. Little do you know, she also happens to be a savagely possessive young lady!

Disguised under her innocent facade is a curious mind who has a never-ending thirst for knowledge, so much so that she may be referred to as a walking encyclopedia. As her man, it's easy for you to get complacent and reliant upon her because she exudes both brilliance and happiness.

There is an overwhelming peace of mind when you're with her, as if returning to the purest form of existence - the safe and protective harbour of your mother's uterus. You can simply let go of everything and nestle in her warm embrace.

Shocking Resemblance of the Female Uterus

Sculpted from completely odourless and nearly greaseless material, gone are the days of uncomfortable sharp edges and desensitising mechanical stimulation. Her ultra-realistic and precision designed fleshy folds will make you melt, like a popsicle under the warm summer sun.

Back to the Most Primitive Form of Being

The initial half mimics vaginal folds, caressing you gently like the first rays of morning sun. Then you will reach the cervix, tempting you to break through and experience the most instinctive form of desire. Having gathered your courage, you will finally arrive inside the deep and mysterious caverns of the uterus - the origin of life. Soak in the all-encompassing love and lose yourself in the strong force that draws you in.

The Uterus, Garden of Divine Pleasure

Conquer the supremely tight cervix and you will be engulfed by the immense thrill of the uterus. The crown-shaped chamber will envelope your glans and massage you tenderly yet relentlessly. With every thrust and pull, the mysteriously powerful suction of her uterus will draw you closer and closer, as you are completely conquered by her inescapable lust. As the walls of the uterus grind against your glans, you will eventually be drained of every last drop of your manhood in that one final blow. 

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G-19 Secret Uterus