深田詠美超生尻真人大型名器評測 - 當極致真實感遇上絕佳實用性

Eimi Fukada Real-Life Size Onahole Review - Extreme Realism Meets Practicality




Eimi Fukada, formerly known as an underground idol, is now a well-known Japanese AV actress. She joined the AV industry in 2017 under the name "Amami Shin" and quickly gained attention for her beauty and talent. With millions of fans on social media, she is also actively involved in business activities and brand management.

Thanks to Fukada’s wide fan base and high popularity, her famous products jointly launched with sex toy manufacturers have received widespread attention. The reason why this product based on Fukada is famous not only depends on her own reputation, but also because the EXE brand has always pursued the product design concept of real experience, which ensures its high sales.

EXE brand focuses on providing "Delicate enjoyment". Even though the product material has been upgraded many times, EXE still prefers soft texture. The brand focuses more on creating a gentle use experience and is committed to pursuing the maximum comfort and Satisfaction.

Why buy such a big ass?

You may be wondering why I have such a large butt. The story behind it is that my girlfriend went to work in the United States for a few months and was worried that I would feel lonely without her. I already owned a mini version of the 2.0kg anime famous device, but my girlfriend felt that it looked too childish and it had been a while since I bought it. I also felt that the anime famous device wasn't realistic enough. So we decided that a device closer to the actual size would be more suitable for me than the mini version.

So, my girlfriend decided to give me this special Christmas gift - Eimi Fukada's 7kg famous instrument. She hoped that this gift would bring me some comfort in her absence. To make sure my needs were met, she specifically selected a famous device that was authentic in size and design.

Unboxing - plain packaging, high-end texture

EXE 深田詠美 飛機杯 大型飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
The design of the packaging is quite simple, with no extra decoration or unnecessary packaging materials. Fukada's sexy bottom were perfectly displayed in front of me.

When it comes to the unboxing experience, the first thing to mention is the design of the packaging. Its packaging is quite simple, with no extra decoration or unnecessary packaging materials, plain and simple. When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was this famous device and a pack of trial lubricant that came with it. The size of this famous instrument is 1:1 human scale. The moment you take it out, you can immediately feel its high-end quality.

Compared with the mini version of the famous device I have used before, the quality of this famous device is obviously much superior. First, the plastic material is much softer and almost feels like real skin. When I hit it gently, I could feel its elasticity, just like a real person. What’s even more surprising is that even though it’s made of rubber, it doesn’t have any unpleasant odor at all. Instead, it also emits alight fragrance.

Use - Extremely authentic experience

EXE 深田詠美 飛機杯 大型飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
From the outside to the inside, the vagina to the back court, all details are completely replicated 1:1, bringing a 100% realistic experience.

After careful research on the online information, I discovered that it is significantly different from some other products on the market. Not only does it have the authorization of the actress, it also uses 1:1 reverse molding technology. This precise production method brings an excellent sense of realism to users.。

Unlike some famous vessels whose passages are full of small particles, the internal structure of this vessel is designed to be more delicate and realistic (because it is a real inverted mold). The vaginal part well imitates the smoothness and twists of a real vagina, perfectly reproducing the texture and natural curves of a real vagina. At the same time, the detailed structure of the real vagina, such as the features of the G-spot, vulva, and vagina, are all reproduced in great detail. This design brings incomparable pleasure and comfort without being overly stimulating, enhancing the overall real feeling. The design of the back courtyard is relatively straightforward, with no curved passages. However, because the internal passages are tighter, it will bring a more intense and stimulating feeling strong>. The dual-point design also allows me to switch the feeling I want at any time according to my mood.

EXE 深田詠美 飛機杯 大型飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
The weight brought by Fukada makes me truly feel a real and stable sense of coverage, which brings more posture options and enhances the sense of intimacy and connection.

As this is the first time I use a large-scale famous instrument, I deeply feel the advantages brought by its 7kg weight. This weight not only makes the experience feel like a real person, but also increases thestability during use. What surprised me the most is that the wrapping feeling of the personal device is really excellent, especially because it is 1:1 life-size, which completely eliminates the "bumping" phenomenon that may occur during use. When I hit this famous instrument, I felt really real and satisfied. This famous device is especially suitable for self-movement, and the flat-bottomed design provides extra stability for doggy style postures. It is worth mentioning that although this famous instrument weighs 7kg, it is actually relatively lightweight compared to other large famous instruments. This means that I can even pick it up easily and try moreDifferent positions, such as woman on top. The 1:1 ratio not only provides a more realistic appearance and experience, but also has a very unique advantage: I can put my girlfriend's panties and skirts on it, which not only makes it feel fresher but also Authentic while also adding a sense ofintimacyandconnection.

Cleaning - easier than you think

EXE 深田詠美 飛機杯 大型飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

Cleaning your valuable device while taking a shower is actually easier than you may think. Simply place the device in a regular wash basin (or a basin of similar size), and replace the regular shower head with a special one designed for cleaning devices. This shower head can spray water in three directions and has built-in bristles to make the cleaning process more efficient. Gently push the shower head back and forth a few times inside the device until all the lubricant is washed away.

Cleaning this famous device is similar to taking a shower. Simply add a small amount of soap or special cleaning fluid to the outside of the device, gently rub it a few times, and rinse it clean. After cleaning, make sure to open the channel opening to remove excess moisture. Then, wrap the device in a towel and insert a moisture-absorbing rod to keep the interior dry. For more detailed maintenance, you can apply special maintenance powder to restore the smooth texture of the device's surface. Although it may be tempting to skip these steps out of laziness, I recommend regularly using maintenance powder if you won't be using the device for an extended period of time to keep it in top condition. With practice, the entire cleaning process can be completed in just 3-5 minutes.

Design Decisions - Balancing Functionality and Beauty

EXE 深田詠美 飛機杯 大型飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

The design choice for this famous device is not a flaw, but rather a carefully considered decision. The flat-bottomed and footless design was chosen to ensure practicality and stability when using the device in doggy style. While this design does not affect functionality, it may not be visually appealing when using certain positions, such as the missionary pose.

The fact that this famous device is not a full-body figure means that it may require additional support in certain usage positions, such as using pillows in front of or underneath the device. However, this design also limits interactions involving the upper body. On the other hand, this design allows the device to maintain a 1:1 human proportion while keeping the weight within 7kg, making it easy to switch between different positions and making cleaning easier.

Another great aspect of this famous device is its compact size. It can easily be stored in a cabinet when guests come over, making it convenient for daily use. I haven't had the chance to try a larger famous device, but based on my current experience with this 7kg famous device by Fukada Eimi, I believe it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and convenience.

Conclusion - Beyond Traditional Masturbation: The Choice to Experience Reality

EXE 深田詠美 飛機杯 大型飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

I know many people will wonder, why choose to use such a large and famous instrument instead of simply solving it by hand? But I feel that using hands and using this famous instrument are not on the same level at all. A more appropriate metaphor would be making love. Using this famous instrument, especially when I control the movements myself, really gives me a very real feeling. I think this famous device is especially suitable for those who have tried elementary sex toys and want to pursue a deeper and more realistic feeling. It can provide the enjoyment of real sex without going as exaggerated as owning a full-body silicone doll. At the same time, it is easy to clean and store.

For fans of Eimi Fukada, this famous device is a must-have for experiencing the sensation of having sex with her. Don't hesitate to purchase it! After using this device, even if I didn't pay much attention to Fukada Eimi before, I now find myself drawn to her more often.

Conclusion - Beyond Traditional Masturbation: The Choice to Experience Reality

Finally, I would like to share a tip that can make your experience even better. Before use, first put the appliance into the closed wash basin, and then put in the shower head for cleaning. Then turn on the hot water and let the hot water flow out from the inside to the wash basin, thoroughly heating the entire vessel. Especially when the weather is so cold like Christmas, preheating famous appliances in this way can make the overall use experience more comfortable.

In summary, using Fukada Eimi's 7KG famous instrument not only allows you to get the ultimate feeling of real sex, but it is also relatively simple to maintain and clean. It not only satisfies the pursuit of realism, but also solves the concerns about daily use and maintenance. It is a very suitable choice for people who pursue high-level experience.


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