Satisfyer Royal One 持久環用後感  好物推介

This time We invited the guest editor @Hotels.couple_hk_share with us about using Satisfyer Royal One afteruse~


If we use a sex toy to describe love🧡

"Cockring 👌🏼"

The process of using the "cock ring" is like our grinding stage, we used to burst emotions in order to win the fight, just like sex quickly ejaculate, can not enjoy the process and fun of communicating with each other. 🧩 After using the "persistence ring", train yourself how to control time, learn how to cooperate with the other half, so that everyone can enjoy in this relationship. 🥰 So the "cock ring" is like trying to train to control your emotions so that your emotions don't break out so easily🌋


🌟 Satisfyer Royal One Smart Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring 👌🏼



📍 How to use:

▶️ Whether your penis is in different states, simply add lubricant and put on the Satisfyer cock ring. Thanks to its elasticity, the cock ring is easy to put on and will bring you pleasure 🎉

▶️ These products can be used together or on their own. Men can use the cock ring by putting it directly at the base of the penis, or on the penis itself. The vibrations from the cock ring can make the penis more sensitive and enhance pleasure~


❤️‍🔥 Review:


🌟 The vibration feels really strong, not weaker than the massage stick used by women, I think using 15-20 minutes is ideal😝


🌟 Although cock rings are men's sex toys, maybe put on the penis, and can vibrate the balls, boyfriends feel more sensitivity. And ladies can be used as a massager to vibrate, vibrate above or below can feel how strong the vibration 💥


🌟 The cock ring can be used while having sex, the other half will feel when the vibration, and the boyfriend will get harder, so that I can feel the boyfriend's penis 🍌


🌟 The Satisfyer cock ring comes with a variety of force and vibration modes, allowing you to customize your experience from light to strong. You can also try different modes and positions with your partner for added pleasure. 🐱


🌟 It will be a bit tight to wear, but it will not be uncomfortable, just add the right amount of lubricant, it will be easier to put in, because the cock ring is very elastic🌿


🌟 The cock ring looks pretty, and feels pretty cool 🤣


🌟 Boyfriend summary:Feel Good 👍🏻 🤣


💎 Feature:


▶️ Download the Satisfyer app by phone to control toys 📱everywhere you can play

▶️ The toy adopts silicone texture, skin-friendly ✅

▶️ The long-lasting ring has an elastic texture and is suitable for different penis sizes⭕️

▶️ Strong vibration to make penis more sensitive 🔥

▶️ Satisfver long-lasting rings are waterproof for easy cleaning and use 🧼

▶️ Charge using USB, more Convenient 🔋