Toys Heart 欲情系列肉粒之鄉 - 秘境慾情 動漫飛機杯

TOY'S HEART Lusty Secret - Review

Let us walk into the depths of the ideal land of dense meatballs
and experience this infinitely blooming blossoms! ! 🌸🌸


Since Toys Heart launched the first generation of the lust series, Hot Spring Lust, in 2017, it has caused a stir in Asia.、「Lust Hot Spring 2」以及「Lusty Spring 3」。

The first generation's spiral pit-shaped meat strips are extremely complete and extremely stunning. Some people even say that the 2nd generation cannot surpass the completion of the first generation. I wonder if this "Lusty Secert" anime cup can surpass the previous work? Let's explore this secret place together.

Unboxing - Dream-like packaging, Squishy texture

TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review 對子哈特 TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review

The lust series are all inseparable from the theme of hot springs, which can be seen in the cover of the packaging, imagining and busty beauties heading to the hot spring village, each other with their respective flesh and desire, into the surrounding being "Infinite Blossom" in the open-air bath surrounded by cherry trees, the girl's ketone body is exposed to the moonlight, the mist meets the warm and fragrant soft jade, the bath towel wrapped around the body is soaked by the spring water , revealing the hidden plump flesh, the girl kneels down, tie up her silky smooth hair, is inviting you to bathe "desire" with her, this scene, you can still not shake?

Weighs 375g and is 16 cm long. The weight is about 40 grams heavier than the original, which is a medium size airplane cup. The entrance and tail are slightly larger, while the middle section is slightly concave, intended for ease of grasp, but are generally straight in shape.

TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review 對子哈特

The feel is ratherhard, but very Q bounce< /strong>, it is not so soft that others feel that they have lost the sense of grip, and the material adopts a material that is not very greasy and slippery, which increases the friction during grip. The most important thing in the masturbation cup is the process of playing in the sense of convenience, secret realm lust can avoid the appearance of inadvertently dropping hands during the play process and resulting in lack of interest.

TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review
TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review

Lusty Secert's internal structural cross-section is like the Blooming Cherry Blossom Tree, consisting of mini meat pellets laid on the surface and continuously extending, varying in thickness of large meat strips. The interior is an asymmetrical structure that can be said to be intertwined, extending from the entrance to the deepest point like a tree branch, as if chasing you The penis is generally, the bottom of the meat strip also with dense horizontal folds, able to the meat strip can not stimulate the place again secondary pursuit, really make you "desire" can not stop.

Unlimited Spreading Experience

After inserting, I first thought of the texture of the facial cleanser, the smoothness of the flesh is very similar to the facial cleanser, when thrusting, it brought me a scratching sensation, which is something other masturbation cups cannot bring to me , currently the mainstream of masturbation cups are concave and convex folding structures that aim to make players feel "Multiple stimulations", but LustySecert's fluffy flesh made me feel"infinitely stretching scratching" >, feels very novel.

TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review 對子哈特

With its irregularly shaped interior, it is not designed to replicate a constant vaginal structure. However, this design allows you to feel stimulation from different angles as you twist the cup slightly, adding to the "infinite extension" of pleasure.

When you first start playing, you can let the large meat strip avoid the penis entering, and halfway through twisting/rotating, and can become attacking the penis/horse eye, by squeezing can make the meat strip more attached to the penis, so that the meat grains The stimulation it brings takes a higher level, and the scratching sensation during friction becomes stronger, leaving you endlessly reminiscing. TOYS HEART lusty-secret toy review 對子哈特

The interior is designed to allow you to feel the so-called "scratch feeling" due to the use of extended large flesh strips and concave horizontal stripes The wall will retain much space and is not the current common tight narrow hole design. In this regard I think this is also a very good design, if the airplane cup is designed to be completely fit, then the friction will become very large, then can not enjoy the "scratch feeling" of countless flesh friction, of course Another experience can be obtained by squeezing the body of the cup.

Comparison - Compared to the original

Unlike the special pleasure of "inflated and wrinkled" unique to the original "Lusty Love Of Spring", "Lusty Love Of Spring" focuses on wrinkle pleasure< /strong>, which is closer to the feeling of the human body, and the insertion of "Lusty Secert" can be said to be unusual, but it is unusually cool. It is not a sequel based on the "Lusty Love Of Spring" version, it is complete New lust series.

Conclusion - The choice of experiencing stimulating special touches

Lusty Secret can bring you special touches unmatched by real people, and does not belong to experiencing sex, but to exploring the other special pleasures of sex, for some skilled masturbation cups, and likeExciting, Special Touch are very player-friendly. Welcome to step into the secret land of lust and ideal land!



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