Toys Heart最強榨汁器R20 第四代動漫飛機杯

Toys Heart's Strongest Cup! R20 4th Generation Anime Onahole Masturbation Cup Unboxing Review

~Hello everyone, I'm the Master C ~ After the last time I introduced you to Japanese Real Hole; This time I want to introduce you to the top sales of Pleasure Point Anime Onahole Masturbation Cup - R20 Fourth Generation Anime Onahole Masturbation Cup!


Introduction of Toy's Heart

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

Toys Heart, as Japan's premier adult brand, has a variety of excellent products, and Toys Heart's research and development in onahole masturbation cups is better known: R-20, R18, G19, 17-year-old series, etc., are for people known series, and the R-20 anime cup series is the flagship of Toys Heart. The first, second, third and latest fourth generation have been launched every few years since 2009. The R-20 series reminds me of the products of a certain brand of mobile phones: integrating the latest scientific research to launch the ultimate experience, so the R-20 series does not Will be crazy updates, but every launch will be a surprise and then unceremoniously collect everyone's semen 💦🙏.

In the hearts of experienced players, R-20 has been an indelible existence, no one knows no one, and to share with you an interesting thing, once Toys Heart employees visited our store and our staff Chatting, he even joked: "R-20 this series is more famous than the brand Toys Heart!", and the popularity of even the editor and clerk himself replenished the hand. So when it comes to this point, what is the vast power of the R20 fourth generation? Now and you analyze from all aspects!

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
Toy's Heart R20Fourth generation packaging box front and rear.

R-20 G4 Appearance

The packaging of the R20 Fourth Generation features a silver-haired lady wearing a white shirt, with the words "R-20 Fourth" on her lower body and the number 04 in the bottom right corner, indicating that this is the fourth generation of the R20 series. The words on the right, written in Japanese, promise a shocking vacuum experience and the pleasure of being sucked. The back of the packaging features a picture of the silver-haired lady's feet, with Japanese text promoting the continuous ultra-fine space and double-layer collision. The design of the packaging, along with the mention of features such as dense horizontal stripes and a simulated uterine opening, creates a sense of mystery and curiosity about the cup's vacuum suction capabilities."


TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

The R20 Fourth Generation's outer material is incredibly soft and delicate, providing a smooth and comfortable feel similar to a beautiful girl's thighs. The quality of the material is evident in its durability, unlike other cups that quickly become sticky and stained. This improvement in material is just one of the reasons why the R20 Fourth Generation is the flagship product of Toys Heart, providing unparalleled value for money."

Viewing the entrance

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

The R20 fourth generation of the hole looks into, in addition to the front end of the horizontal striped granulation, even vaguely can see a small hole about 5mm wide behind, I believe the official main "breakthrough" design, and The words "double-layer collision" on the back packaging echo.

Cross-section analysis

The following will analyze the R20 fourth generation in three separate regions:

【Area 1: The penis strangle zone】

As your penis enters the R20 Fourth Generation, you will feel two extremely narrow flesh rings tightly wrapping around you at the entrance. This design is the tightest in the R20 series, resembling the feeling of penetrating a virgin's tight slit. The double-meat ring design helps to retain lubricant and provides a sensation similar to oral sex, with deep pit designs on the sides for added stimulation. The dense meat bed inside simulates the texture of a tongue, providing pleasure from the tip of your penis to the frenulum. This cup truly offers an unparalleled experience."

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

【Area 2: Infinite Compressed Hell】

If you manage to break through the first section of the penis strangle zone, you will be greeted by the most narrow and stimulating tight vagina in the history of the R20 series, with a scale over diameter ≤1cm, countless irregular pitted flesh strips wrap your penis! This channel focuses on "crisp, hemp, tight", as if the girl's nails lightly sweep the penis, coronary groove and penis-like electric current, plus the extremely narrow channel, really can't help but tremble.

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

【Region 3: Uterine Suction Secret Realm】

The R20 Fourth Generation raises the bar with its simulated narrow uterine opening, resembling a cherry pussy and beckoning your penis to enter its depths. As your penis penetrates the tight opening and releases air, a vacuum zone is created, intensifying the suction sensation. The numerous mini and dense strips of flesh inside will coat your penis and provide an endless tickling sensation, ensuring that every last drop of semen is squeezed out. This truly is a must-have device for ultimate stimulation.

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

TOYS HEART R20 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 自慰器 男生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

Unique design

The R20 Fourth Generation's outer layer is designed with a ring for easy gripping and targeting of the internal uterine opening. This feature allows players to create a vacuum suction feeling by squeezing the ring and releasing air, resulting in a satisfying puffing sound. With the addition of the ring-type strip press, players can easily control the level of suction and enjoy a more intense experience.


The R20 Fourth Generation Onahole Masturbation Cup offers endless pleasure and versatility, making it a highly cost-effective choice. With features such as a tight first night experience, oral sex simulation, narrow hole squeezing, uterine rape, vacuum suction, and a stimulating penis-covered interior, this cup truly has it all. The material used is of the highest quality, ensuring that the surface remains non-sticky after multiple uses and the interior stays intact even after rough play. For those new to airplane cups, the R20 Fourth Generation is the perfect choice for a sensational experience without any complications.



Review by Master C

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