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Womanizer Next
Clitoral Suction Device
Unboxing Review

【Unboxing Test】Womanizer Next Clitoral Suction Device - My new generation orgasm experience!

Womanizer - the original brand of clitoral suction devices from Germany. Often referred to as the Hermès of the toy world, Womanizer is renowned for its advanced features and elegant design. Since its debut, it has captured the hearts of women worldwide. Always striving to push the boundaries of pleasure, Womanizer continuously innovates its product technology. In January 2014, it introduced its latest flagship model, the Womanizer Next clitoral suction device, featuring 3D Pleasure Air technology, solidifying its position as the king of suction devices.

"Next? Who's Next?", One night, when my husband was working late, I rushed home after finishing my own work. It was as if I had made an appointment with someone, eager to unveil the secrets and pleasures of the Womanizer Next...< /p>



WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
The packaging is mainly based on the color of the product, which is very luxurious and noble. The front and back are sealed with circular tape, and the top is marked with "Ready to Play" and "Go, love yourself", implying that a wonderful journey is about to begin.
WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
After peeling off the sealing sticker, gently open the box. The sentence "Start here" on the bottom of the box, with careful guidance at every step, gently turns me on.



In terms of accessories, there are original charging cables, two suction heads of different sizes (one with the machine and one included), instructions, and a fabric storage bag. Most toy storage bags are mainly black to protect players' privacy.

WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
As a cat lover, black is the color that best displays cat fur, and the thick storage bag included with Womanizer Next can not only protect privacy, protect toys, but also prevent dust from easily sticking to it.

Suction Head

WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

The suction head of the Womanizer Next is 20mm long and 15mm wide, which can cover most of the clitoris; the included suction head is the same length and width, but the height is different, and the standard one is 22mm; The other is shorter 18mm. The longer the suction head, the larger the space in between, and the more you can feel the stimulation brought by 3D Pleasure Air。

WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品
The suction head of the Womanizer Next is 20mm long and 15mm wide, which can cover most of the clitoris. The included suction head is the same length and width, but the height is different. The suction head is 22mm.


WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

The Womanizer Next, covered in soft silicone, boasts a slightly longer length that perfectly complements the arm and enables easy access to the clitoris. With a weight of 163g, it is slightly heavier than its predecessor, the Premium 2, but this added weight, combined with its curved body, allows for a snug fit against the body, creating a feeling of closeness and intimacy. Despite its numerous functions, the buttons on the front and back of the device are clearly distributed, ensuring that even in the heat of the moment, you won't accidentally press the wrong button while trying to adjust the mode. The Womanizer Next is available in three regal colors - mysterious black, elegant purple, and refreshing mint green - each adding a touch of sophistication to your pleasure experience.


3D Pleasure Air

3D Pleasure Air is inspired by acoustic engineering and emulates subwoofer technology, making the Womanizer Next extremely quiet in operation and the quietest Womanizer sipper yet. The Womanizer Next also has an unprecedentedly wide range of suction power - the lowest frequency can be as gentle as 3 times per second; in comparison, the lowest frequency of the Premium 2 is 20 times per second. Therefore, the suction of Womanizer Next is as precise as a real French wet kiss on the clitoris, gentle and comfortable.


As the quietest toy model of the Womanizer to date, it is also the quietest toy I have ever used (one of the few). It is as quiet as outer space, in a deserted place.
In a place like Hong Kong where space is at a premium, sometimes we even have to share rooms. If the toy motor is too loud, no matter how powerful it is, we won’t dare to use it. I also specially prepared a sound level meter test to verify how quiet the Womanizer Next is.
The indoor environment is about 65db. After turning on the Womanizer Next, the sound level meter rises to 75db, which is only an increase of 10db. Even if you hold it in your hand, you can hardly detect any sound.

Climax Control

WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

The newly added Climax Control function allows you to adjust the depth of your suction like never before (note that "depth" is different from "strength"~), thereby controlling the depth of your climax. Climax Control is divided into three stages. It is like a gentle kiss. There is constant airflow to gently stir the clitoris. You can feel that the clitoris is surrounded by warm airflow, full of pleasure and excitement. The part including the labia also vibrates gently, allowing you to suck and sip. The head pulled out strands of milky white honey.

Smart Silence

One of Womanizer’s signature features! The suction head will start when it touches the skin, and will stop immediately when it is removed. It is a good helper in emergency situations!
Who would be like me, whose body would become limp after an orgasm, fall asleep instantly, and even forget to turn off the toys? Smart Silence not only helps extend the battery life of the toy, but also ensures that when you wake up and think about Encore, you still have enough power to keep playing.
It is worth mentioning that Womanizer Next’s Smart Silence is more sensitive than Premium 2, and will activate even if it is lightly brought close to the skin.


WOMANIZER NEXT 陰蒂吸啜器 陰蒂吸啜器推薦 吸啜器推薦 德國 女生自慰 性玩具 情趣用品 成人用品

Among the many attractions of Womanizer Next, Autopilot is what I can’t get enough of!
The three preset "lazy modes" allow you to enjoy the teasing of foreplay, selfless kissing, and uninterrupted stimulation. You can output waves of surprises without having to adjust any buttons. !
One moment is gentle, the other is strong, making people completely immersed in the erotic layout carefully designed by Womanizer...Unknowingly, the sheets have become wet.


I usually take the toy away or turn it off directly after a surging orgasm, so as to avoid the continuous rubbing and shock pain on the sensitive clitoris after the orgasm. However, this often makes the air suddenly quiet, and there is an indescribable feeling of emptiness afterwards.
Afterglow feature will immediately gradually adjust the power of the toy to the minimum, soothing the fragile sensitive zones in a gentle way, while bringing a perfect ending to sex.


Womanizer has an IPX7 waterproof rating, and the entire body is 100% waterproof. Not only is it easy to clean, it can be taken into the bathroom, used in water, and even in the swimming pool without any problems!

Battery and battery life

Charge for 2 hours and enjoy 4 hours of battery life. My experience is that I can feel a satisfying orgasm within 2-3 minutes. In other words, you can enjoy 80 orgasms with just one charge!


Write the climax into a story full of ups and downs

Personally, I think it is the best clitoral suction device currently on the market! Compared with the sippers I have used before, some are too violent and some are insensitive. The 14 levels of suction range from weak to strong. You can feel the suction best when Autopilot is started. The wide coverage of intensity enables the pleasure to be continuously stacked infinitely, elevating pleasure to an extremely rich and detailed experience.

A unique oral sex orgasm experience

Very few women can orgasm from real oral sex. The size of the suction head of the Womanizer Next is just right to cover the clitoris without leaving any gaps. The surrounding silicone is also thick enough. With the elliptical suction head, the shape and texture are very similar to lips. Coupled with the deep sucking of 3D Pleasure Air and the erotic teasing of Autopilot, I achieved a hotoral orgasm.

A master in the world of toys

Womanizer Next feels like meeting a sex master in an ordinary life. There is no need for any penetrative contact between each other, but under all kinds of caring, tenderness, care, passion, and dexterous ventriloquism , fell into the entanglement of spirit and desire, and the ship sank unexpectedly until he could not extricate himself.
Compared to the violent and high-intensity sex in AV, the most unforgettable thing is being held in the palm of your hand like a queen and treated with meticulous care. Coincidentally, the word "Womanizer" originally means "a person who plays with women."


Every girl must experience the power of Womanizer! The clitoris is the most pleasing sensitive point in women, because of its sensitivity, to create a sense of layering in stimulation but extremely challenging, just like cooking egg fried rice, the simpler the more difficult to do excellent (housewife Mode on *w*). When the clitoris meets the orgasm king Womanizer, it is almost always on target. The Womanizer Next not only allows every woman to easily feel a C-spot orgasm, but further transcends this extreme realm, bringing multi-layered pleasure and satisfaction. I would recommend it to...

Highly sensitive people

Womanizer Next has an extremely wide range of force coverage, with 14 levels of suction intensity, covering everything from extremely slight to extremely strong force. Climax Control allows you to adjust the depth to suit you, and if your body is particularly sensitive, you will feel the ingenuity of Womanizer Next.

Toy Beginner

For those new to using toys, the initial experience is crucial. The Womanizer Next suction device is designed to be user-friendly, with clear instructions and a wide range of suction levels, making it easy for beginners to adjust to the sensations. And with the special March offer of 88% off, now is the perfect time to try out the Womanizer Next and see for yourself.

You who are curious about oral sex

Does your other half resist oral sex? Womanizer Next's quietness, Climax Control and upgraded 3D Pleasure Air, make the overall experience close to the real pro-lick feeling, so you feel the sky-like pleasure, oral sex without asking for help :D

You who want continuous orgasms

Diverse features, layers and variations create endless possibilities for continuous orgasms!

Pros Cons
Detailed functions The body is slightly heavier
The intensity is wide enough Fewer color choices than Womanizer Premium
Extremely silent Prepare additional waterproof sheets (Happy Problem!)
Automatic navigation can randomly adjust the intensity
The design and experience are extremely luxurious

Differences from Premium 2

To compare Womanizer Next and Premium 2, the main highlights are definitely the 3D Pleasure Air and Climax Control features. The sipping technology has advanced to 3D Pleasure Air, offering a more precise way to adjust the intensity. And the three-stage Climax Control allows for customizable depth of orgasm. The Next model is also designed to operate quietly, ensuring a more discreet experience. Additionally, the Afterglow function, introduced with the Classic 2, allows for a gradual decline in pleasure after orgasm. Overall, the Womanizer Next is an impressive device that combines new features and unique capabilities.

Info Womanizer Premium 2 Womanizer Next
burgundy, blueberry, silver, cranberry, black
Black, dark purple, mint green
Suction Technology
Pleasure Air
Pleasure Air
Suction Level
Climax Control
Smart silence
150 mm x 50 mm x 35 mm
171 mm x 54 mm x 57 mm
Charging time
2 hours
2 hours
Battery life
4 hours
4 hours



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