Condom 的歷史

Contraception is not a modern trend.
There has always been a need and awareness for contraception, even in ancient times. 😌

When talking about contraception, condoms are indispensable.
Nowadays, condoms are readily available. ☝🏻
But before the advent of modern condoms,
how did ancient people practice contraception? 🤔
What did they call their condoms?

Ancient Methods of Contraception

Ancient Methods of Contraception

Humans have always been imaginative 🤩 and experimental 🎢.
In times before advanced technology,
ancient civilizations had their own methods of contraception.
But how effective they were is... unknown. 😅

Ancient Egypt 🇪🇬
Honey 🍯 + Acacia gum + Linen tampon inserted into the vagina 😨

Ancient Greece 🇬🇷
Lemon 🍋 as a spermicide

Medieval to Renaissance 🎩
Condoms made from animal intestines 🐑

Ancient Contraception Logic

Ancient Contraception Logic

Just like modern people, it was about killing sperm 🔪💦 + blocking 🚫☔

However, from a modern perspective 🧐,
ancient spermicides might not have had solid evidence, and their effectiveness was thus questionable. 😟

Animal-based condoms have existed from ancient times to now.
Modern markets still sell lambskin condoms.
However, they only prevent pregnancy ⚠️, not sexually transmitted infections‼️

16th Century Asian Contraception Methods

16th Century Asian Contraception Methods

In China, condoms were called "Yinjia".
Made from fish bladder 🐟 + oil-soaked silk paper 🐛

In Japan 🇯🇵,
condoms were called "Kabuto" (helmet).
Made from very thin + decorated turtle shell 🐢 or other animal horns (!)

It seems that fish bladder + silk paper might be softer 🙂
The thought of turtle shell gives me goosebumps...

Modern Condoms

Modern Condoms

Rubber Condoms
Invented by a young American inventor Charles Goodyear in 1855👨🔬
(Yes, the same Goodyear who makes car tires today)
(It was truly a Good Year for people back then 😂)
Mass production began in 1860, but they were expensive💰
and early rubber condoms were prone to slipping off😵

Latex Condoms
The most popular latex condoms were invented in 1920😯
They were cheaper and easier to produce⚙️
and became the most popular method of contraception🤟, even until today

What's the difference between rubber and latex?🎈
Rubber: Made from rubber plants and other plants by extracting the gum and processing it
Latex: From the liquid that flows out when rubber trees are cut, it is milky white in color

After reading this post, are you interested in learning more about the history of condoms?

If so, you can read these book:
"The Humble Little Condom: A History" by Aine Collier

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