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Insert the butt plug into the back court, its fullness or vibration can bring you extraordinary sexual pleasureAvailable regardless of gender and sexual orientationThe most popular butt plugs have a teardrop shape: thin at the tip, wide in the middle, and a waist-shaped part that connects to the larger baseNot only is it easy to insert and remove, but it can also prevent the anal plug from accidentally slipping into and out of the body, making it safe and concealedIn addition to introducing products that meet the standards, Xi Point has also collected a variety of materials: silicone, stainless steel, glass, to meet your pursuit of high-quality sex life

Butt plugs are not as simple as plugging

Both have more Feel

during sex

The lower body is more full, when the boy inserts the vagina, the girl can enjoy the feeling of double fullness; the boy will feel the vagina is tighter and the sexual pleasure is stronger

Prepare for anal sex

No matter how experienced or less experienced, it is necessary to warm up the back muscles moderately before each anal sexIn addition to using your fingers, anal plug is also a good tool

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Select Security Products

Anal plugs are safest if the toy has a smooth surface, a rounded tip, and a base wider than the overall

Use toys properly

Work gradually, starting with small sizes; use plenty of lubricant, insert or remove slowly and gently; wash thoroughly before and after use, and do not share with others