Butt Plug Page Mobile Part 2

New Product Selection Guidelines

Consider its dimensions in terms of diameter rather than length

Material: Stainless steel, glass, and metal with less friction are preferred

Size: No more than 3cm diameter back plug

Before Use: Backyard Cleaning

Use an enema to insert into the back of the rectum and inject clean water, wait for 3-5 seconds and then discharge, repeat 1-3 times until the discharge is clear of contamination

Because of the limited range of rectum that the posterior plug will come into contact with, the cleaning does not need to be as deep as the cleaning before anal sex, and the irrigation process does not need to be repeated too many times

It is recommended to apply an appropriate amount of water-based lubricating fluid on the nozzle of the enema to avoid dryness when put in

Usage process: inserting and unplugging

Before inserting, use your fingers to slowly massage around the anus, and slowly put the lubricated fingers into the back court to fully relax the sphincter

Then apply an appropriate amount of lubricant at the entrance and the tip of the back plug, gently press the tip on the anus, and slowly pressurize; every two steps, take one step back, do not force the plug directly; if you feel pain, please stop immediately, Take a deep breath and try again with a different angle with more lube

Please also pull out the base slowly when taking it out

After Use: Toy Cleaning

Rinse the surface of the product with warm water, and then apply mild soap or toy cleaner to disinfect and sterilize (some liquid soaps and shower gels may contain silicone, which may damage silicone toys, please use with caution)