HARU 含春 —— 台灣情趣生活用品品牌


HARU 挑戰傳統從性別角度出發的情趣用品領域。HARU 相信,性愛不單是肉體的歡愉,更是雙方情感的融合。從這個理念出發,結合精心研發配方,加上時尚設計外觀,締造一系列昇華愉悅感受的情愛精品,讓愛侶們更自在,無拘束,隨時隨地都能共赴雲雨。

HARU 主打一系列的潤滑液產品,其中 ORGASM 大麻酥麻熱感潤滑液系列更是廣受好評。

HARU 讓愛侶間的每一刻,不只有感,更加快感,日月無聲之際,只剩妳們的愛語之聲。

Inspired by the Japanese word for Spring "はる", HARU is the latest trend-setting intimate care brand hailing from Taiwan.

HARU sets forth to challenge the traditional angle of pleasure products. HARU believes that sex is more than just physical enjoyment, but also forms an emotional connection between individuals. With this mission in mind, HARU seamlessly merges advanced formulas with elegant design, creating a series of products that elevates your experience, allowing you to explore the boundless terrains of pleasure. 

HARU is famous for their unique lubricants, with the ORGASM range being the most unique, innovative and popular. 

HARU makes love more passionate and sex hotter.