Menstrual cup - use

Mstrual cup use

The use of menstrual cups is mainly divided into six steps: cleaning, folding, inserting, trimming, removing and emptying. It sounds like Li has a lot of obstacles, but it's not difficult to learn at all 㗎~


Best... No...
✔ Wash hands thoroughly before handling menstrual cups ✘ Handling menstrual cups with unhygienic hands or surfaces
✔ Boil in boiling water for 5 minutes before first use ✘ Use overly strong detergents, petroleum-based substances, tea tree oil, alcohol or bleach
✔ Boil in boiling water for 5 minutes after each cycle ✘ Put in the microwave
✔ Wash with mild lye or special detergent and water after each use ✘ Dishwasher
✔ Wipe clean with a tissue ✘ Wipe clean with reusable cloth
✔ Use with water-based lubricants ✘ Use with silicone lubricant to make


Folding the menstrual cup will make insertion more efficient. Folding methods are mainly divided into three categories: 1) C-shaped folding; 2) Half-V-shaped folding; and 3) Cotton sliver folding. Even if you don't even fold the letter paper, you will get started quickly! If you want to know the best way to fold only the menstrual cup with the side, I suggest you refer to the information on the product page.


  1. Sit on the toilet seat and relax the vaginal muscles. If necessary, apply aqueous lubricant to the vaginal opening to make the procedure more comfortable.
  2. As if using a tampon, tilt the menstrual cup toward the tail keel and insert it up into the vagina until the tab or stem is completely inside the vagina. If using the Intimina Lily Cup, the higher side of the cup should face your back.
  3. Menstrual cups are worn lower than tampons. The end of the tab or stem should be about 1.5 cm above the vaginal opening.


Your menstrual cup should be completely inside your vagina, but easily accessible with at least one finger. If the stem or part of your cup sticks out, gently remove and reinsert. If the stem is still in your body or feels uncomfortable, there are ways to shorten it.

All menstrual cups can be trimmed except FemmyCycle with Intimina Ziggy Cup Flat Fit Menstrual Cup. But be careful, trimming or removing the stem of the menstrual cup will make it more difficult to remove the menstrual cup, and if you trim too much, you may wear a "cup", which will eventually be scrapped, so trim your period according to the information on the product page cup.

Take out

  1. Sit on the toilet seat and try to relax as much as possible. Use your vaginal muscles to gently push down on the menstrual cup.
  2. Grasp the tab or stem and gently pull down on the cup in a zig-zag motion.
  3. Press the bottom of the menstrual cup to release the micro-vacuum pressure.
  4. Adjust the angle of the menstrual cup to avoid accidental drips.


Pour the menstrual fluid collected by the menstrual cup into the toilet, rinse the menstrual cup and reuse it!

Instruction Manual

Are you eager to learn and want to know more? Just download the instruction manual from the link below. Dian!

  1. FemmyCycle
  2. Intimina Lily Cup Series
  3. Intimina Ziggy Cup Intimina Ziggy Cup
  4. Merula Menstrual Cup
  5. Merula Extra Large Menstrual Cup
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