What are the types and types of lubricants?

is mainly divided into three textures , including:

(1) Water-based Water-based; (2) Oil-based Oil-based; (3) Silicone-based Silicone-based.
Water-based: Mild formula, suitable for all materials of sex toys, condoms. Easy to clean and leave no traces.
Silicone: silky texture, long-lasting, good for vaginal/anal sex, also suitable for massage, but notcan directly with Silicone sex toys are used.
Oily: Longest , suitable for erotic body massage, penis masturbation, but not Too recommended for for sex, Oilness will damage the latex tissue, there is a chance Affects vaginal health.
In addition to this, there are other lubricants that are designed according to the situation/user's needs (1) warm/cool/numbness (2) edible type (3) feminine intimate care (4) Special for anal sex (5) No glycerin lubricant.