【MenClub】訪問影片:成人玩具店的使命 – 喜穴

As an Adult Toy Store, although the name "Pleasure Point" fits well, it also caused some trouble for Kevin and Zion. For example, when renting the store, the owner thought they would either sell AVs. , or an "Adult Club". As a result, the two of them had to submit their past work resumes, volunteer experience, and prove that they were clean before they could rent a shop.

Fortunately, after opening the store, the two successfully changed everyone's perception of adult toy stores, and even because of their affinity, they gradually became customers' sex education instructors and psychological counseling specialists. Some customers confided in them about their sexual orientation doubts, and some elderly customers asked about ways to stay sweet with their partners. They say that it is their mission to allow guests to explore "happiness" in a relatively comfortable environment.

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Release date: 2021-08-17