【HK01】30+女生將性商店變性愛課室 中年客沒高潮用性玩具「起死回生」?

30 Turn Sex Shop Into a "Love Classroom". Middle-Aged Customers Reach Orgasm From Toys?

Ana and Dorothy, the former works in a sex shop and the latter is the manager. Sex seems to be invisible. Most love hotels have dim lights, and sex toy shops always have hidden storefronts. Even vaginas use pronouns such as "sister" and "downside". However, they have brought the topic of sex out of the darkness. Their bright storefronts are filled with a dazzling array of sex toys, and they hold workshops on sexual pleasure. "Sex is so normal, why We should avoid?" Dorothy said bluntly.

Sex Shop Clerk Ana and Manager Dorothy. (Photo by Wong Po Ying)

Conservative Parents Cause Guilt in Ana About Masturbation

In addition to greeting customers, Ana also shoots unboxing videos of sex toys and talks about her after-use experience. She boldly talks about sex in front of the camera, but behind the camera she was born into a conservative family. Her parents thought she was engaged in "customer service work." "They are Christians and They even cannot accept homosexuality."

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美國品牌Le Wand出品的情趣玩具,Ana指玫瑰金加淺粉紅配色很時尚,第一眼會以為是護膚工具。
Ana指Le Wand這套性玩具最大特色是靜,即使開到最強震動,也完全不會察覺,私隱度極高。(黃寶瑩攝)

When Ana was a child, her parents discovered that she had Adult Video browser records on her computer. Their first reaction was to accuse her. Negative feelings about sex are deeply rooted in her heart. Talking about sex openly at home is a luxury. Even if she masturbates secretly, she feels like "doing something wrong." Ana started masturbating in middle school. "On the one hand, I enjoyed it, but on the other hand, I felt guilty."< /p>

The "good girl" changed her view on sex. The turning point was in college. Ana took a gender studies course and began to realize that sex is something that can be "talked about". "Talking about it on paper" is not enough, and it must be attributed to her The other half. "My boyfriend has a very positive attitude towards sex." After someone had sex, he kept silent, as if he had had a "spring dream." However, Ana's boyfriend often "shows it out" about sex and discusses everyone's preferences and feelings in bed, which makes her understand that a happy sex life must "show it out".

Ana used to feel ashamed about talk sex. (Photo by Wong Po Ying)

Ana now works in a sex shop. In addition to introducing products to customers, Ana also transforms into a "counselor" to listen to customers' sexual worries and provide advice.

The store will hold workshops from time to time, turning it into a "sex education classroom"; she is also a volunteer for the sex education organization "Sticky Rice Up". She writes articles on social platforms to share correct sex knowledge and answers various questions on the discussion forum. If you have any questions about your sexuality, you will also go to middle schools to hold sex education workshops. 

From having negative feelings about sex, to gradually changing her views, and then to talking openly about sex, Ana had expected to be labeled as a "public toilet", "slutty", etc., but she did not hesitate at all, "If I continue to These comments are scary, how to promote Sex-positive?"

Growing up in a girls’ school, sex is never taboo

Dorothy's sexual enlightenment is like two countries from Ana.

Sex has never been a "forbidden fruit" for her. She still laughs when she recalls the period when she was curious about sex. Growing up in a girls' school, talking about sex has never been taboo. "When I was 13 or 14 years old, It was the first time a classmate entered a sex toy store. At that time, there was a bucket full of condoms on the counter, and it cost a few yuan to draw one. " She described the process as being as normal as drawing a "Yes card", without any sense of shame.

Dorothy used to study in a girls' school, and there was no taboo about talking about sex among same-sex friends. (Photo by Wong Po Ying )

Talkling about her sexual experiences in those years, she gushed, "I once traveled to Taiwan with my partner and went to a sex shop to buy a ball ring to put on my penis. During the intimacy, all the balls suddenly fell to the ground." Now that she thinks about it. I thought it was funny, but it was shocking at the time. "I was afraid that the ball would fall into my vagina, so I tried hard to find it, but in the end I still missed one. Fortunately, I'm safe now."

That experience planted the seeds for her to realize that the most important thing about sex toys is safety rather than gimmicks, which became the first principle when choosing sex toys after opening the store. Dorothy is not taboo about talking about sex and knows how to enjoy it. She understands that many women have gone through marriage and had children, but still have no understanding of sexual pleasure:

"There are many middle-aged female customers in our store. Their first love may be their husbands, and grown men don't know how to please their partners. Sex toys are like a way out for them in sexual matters."

Banana teaches "wearing a condom" We all used to be puzzled

Ana and Dorothy had a conservative and open-minded upbringing, but they both had their share of confusions about sex. Sex education in Hong Kong still uses bananas as props to teach "wearing a condom", and sexual pleasure has never been one of the topics.

Ana shared, "I have tried to have recurrent vaginal infections in the past and could not find the source. After learning more about it, I found out that the cleaning steps after sex were not done enough, such as going to the toilet after sex." She also had experience with sex toys. I had a misunderstanding, "I once thought that sex toys must be full of bacteria, and massager wand may stretch the vagina."

Both Dorothy and Ana have had fallacies about sex. (Photo by Wong Po Ying)

The adult pages of newspapers and the adult channels of paid TV were once the ways for Dorothy to get exposed to sexual topics. She had an open attitude towards sex, but it did not mean that she had rich "sexual knowledge". "I used to rely solely on calculating the safe period as a contraceptive method, thinking that it was really 'safe'." At that time, I "didn't realize the alarm." Later, after reading sex education books and attending sex education workshops, I realized that the safe period is actually very "dangerous". Ovulation is affected by health conditions, life stress, emotions and many other factors. If you are not careful, you may get pregnant unexpectedly.

The massager wand brings sex life back to life

Sexual knowledge can be learned from classes or books, while intimacy is a matter of practice with your partner. There is no shortcut. Some people regard sex toys as a "panacea" and imagine that a vibrator can "resurrect" their sex life.

Dorothy and Ana have met many men who go to the store to choose sex toys for their partners. However, upon closer inspection, they have no idea about their partners’ preferences or sensitive zones. They have no way to start with the various products. There are also customers "Returning empty-handed", but "sex toys" may be an opportunity for him and his partner to "talk about sex" for the first time.

Sex toys are not a panacea. They can only be used as a support and cannot be relied upon. (Photo by Wong Po Ying)

Sex toys do bring a lot of fun to sex life, but if you become dependent on them, you may become inert and unwilling to put effort into pleasing your partner. Dorothy said frankly:

"Sex toys have always been a side dish to sex, not the main course, and no toy can go all the way and satisfy everyone."

The reason why sex is pleasurable sometimes has nothing to do with technique, but to feel each other's deep affection in the most intimate communication.


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