【玩具實測】Pro 2 Generation 3 - 吸啜界性價比皇者

Won the 2021 CES Innovation Technology Award,

Satisfyer Third Generation Best Selling The King of Sippers Series — Pro 2 Generation 3

High cost performance, many functions, easy to operate,

It has always been loved by women around the world and has long been at the top of the best-selling list!

The editor has a rare taste of fragrance and will help you break it down and understand why it is worth having!

The sip sucker is every girl’s First Choice

As the name suggests, the suction device uses suction technology to stimulate the clitoris to achieve instant pleasure. It is the simplest and easiest-to-use entry-level toy, and its appearance is harmless to humans and animals. Whether you are a novice trying toy masturbation for the first time, Or you just want to have fun in time and enjoy instant pleasure, the sip sucker is your best choiceIn addition, if you are like the editor, your hormones are very strong during menstruation and you really want to have sex, but you can't. This feeling is really itchy! At this time, the pleasure brought by a suction device can avoid infection of the fragile vagina caused by penetrative sex, and can also relieve cycle discomfort , kill two birds with one stone

Why Pro 2 Generation 3?

Although I am a middle-class player compared to my friends and have been playing with toys for more than eight years, I have always preferred vibrating toys and am a bit unfamiliar with sip suckers.After all, a toy can easily cost hundreds of dollars. If it doesn’t fit after you’ve played with it, and it would be awkward to give it away, why not put it in the Carousell? Unsuitable toys can be said to be tasteless and a pity to throw away. Therefore, every time you choose a toy, you have to think carefully and make sufficient preparations.Occasionally I saw the review of Pro2+ ([Product Test] Satisfyer Pro 2+ Vibrating Clitoral Suction Device (Part 2)), and I was already excited until I learned that Pro2 has been upgraded to Generation 3. In addition to implementing the original The vibrating sipping function, the most special design of the sipping head is a detachable headgear, which is both a sucking device and a beater , the pressure wave and the vibration frequency are separated into two independent systems, which is very suitable for me who uses vibrating toys and wants to try a sip sucker.

Generation 3, as an upgraded version, has improved air pulse technology and uses Liquid Air Technology to generate strong waves, simulating the impact of water flow. It greatly enhances the sex appeal of the toy at the physical level of non-contact with the clitoris. Techniques, such as taking your partner for a special oral sex training session, changing the sucking and sipping mode of traditional toys

Compared with Pro2+, Generation 3 has a more comprehensive and enhanced waterproof function. It is IPX7 professional-grade waterproof treatment and the body is covered with medical-grade silicone. It is not difficult to get wet or go into the sea. You can enjoy pleasure anytime and anywhere.

Pro 2 Generation 3 also has a new Bluetooth App function. One side of the interface can control tapping, and the other side can control vibration. It is very user-friendly. It is convenient to switch from sucking the head to the tapping head during the intermission. To allow players to experience the pleasure of multiple orgasms in all aspects

Based on all the advantages, plus the fact that Satisfyer is more affordable than other sipping brands such as Womanize and Lelo, as a budget-conscious C9, of course, everything has been considered. If you feel numb to the sipping function, you can still enjoy it. The fun of patting the head, a multi-purpose toy, will not be exhausted in any case, and you can also explore more new excitement, why not? In this case, try it now!

Toy Features
🌟Two conversion hoods: Slapping hood and Sucking hood
🌟11 non-touch air pulse modes
🌟Vibration stimulation of 12 frequencies
🌟Vibration stimulation and air pulse mode are controlled independently


The appearance is close to 99.9% similar to that of a SPA machine. It will not be noticed when placed on the dressing table.The sucking position is about the size of a millimeter. Whether it is a large or small clitoris, it is easy to "hit the target" and you don't need to spend too much time looking for it.The grip is streamlined, making it easy to hold whether you hold it upward or downward.The water ripple pattern surrounding the switch button not only has anti-slip function, but also adds a fashionable elegance to the overall simple design. It also echoes the suction technology of water flow impact, making people full of imagination.It’s just that the overall size is slightly larger, close to the length of the iPhone 15 Plus, which is not convenient for outdoor use. However, it weighs only 160g, which is quite light and is an option that you can hold for a long time without worrying about fatigue.


Covered with medical-grade silicone, it has a soft and silky texture to the touch and is not sticky.The edges of the suction headgear are designed to be soft, so even if the high-intensity suction mode is activated, there will be no pressure on the labia; the silicone membrane of the slapping headgear is light and thin, allowing air pressure to impact from the inside and press against the tender clitoris.It has IPX7 professional-grade waterproof treatment, so you don’t have to worry even if you use it in the bathroom! If used in water, it is recommended to enable the vibration function at the same time, the feeling will be more intense!


The constant sound of toys making it difficult for players to get involved in the process. After all, sex is an experience of the five senses, and sound is the element that is most likely to cause drama. Just imagine if the upstairs is being renovated and the neighbors are shouting, the whole experience will be pleasurable. The experience is basically ruined :( So I usually turn on some background music and put the toys on the bed to cover up the sound of the motor.However, the silent function of Pro 2 Generation 3 is very good. Basically, the sound is not much different from the sound of air conditioner, especially when the suction mode is close to the skin, even if the quilt is not covered, the sound of the machine will not be heard.


Girls are most afraid of hidden dirty toys. The stains accumulated over time will definitely produce bacteria. If it causes infection, it will be GG! It's just that nine out of ten people fall asleep after orgasm. How many girls clean up immediately every time? And with the all-round waterproof upgrade, the most troublesome cleaning problem of toys has also been solved.My daily lazy way is to wash the toys directly after having fun in the bathroom, which is convenient and fast.Of course, you can remove the headgear and rinse it with water. Simply wipe it dry and it's OK. You won't be afraid of dirt hiding in tiny places, and it will be even easier to keep the toy clean!

Tips to play

Unexpectedly, the power of the suction device is stronger than expected. It is recommended to test the power with the palm of your hand when turning it on, and then place it on the clitoris when you feel that the power is moderate. I personally prefer the fourth part of the suction and sipping step. After using it, it is already medium to high intensity.The intensity of the slapping set will be more concentrated in the middle, which may not satisfy those who prefer a wide range of massages.It is recommended that you use the patting head to surround the edge of the clitoris and press it gently, or apply a little lubricant on the patting head to facilitate the patting head edge to move along the labia and stimulate the labia position, in conjunction with HARU's signature [numbing heat] 】Orgasm lubricant series and Orgie orgasm essence , upgrade the pleasure!

After using it

⋯⋯It’s too fast

For me, who is using a sippet for the first time, the overall experience is: great! quick! Got it! Bar! From lying down, turning on the toy, to feeling the electric pleasure, it basically takes less than 5 minutes! Basically, I am not ready mentally yet, and have reached the other side physically. My soul seems to be separated from my body, so I have to take a breath before I can re-encore and savor the experience that the sipper has given me.It completely subverted my imagination. I really want to ask myself, why did I stay in the Comfort Zone in the past and not try new toys? !

Toys that allow the body to understand and accept new functions are like starting a new relationship. In your toy box, there will always be a preference for a certain function, or even a certain toy that you want to keep forever.But if you don’t bravely take a step forward and allow yourself to experience new opportunities, how can you explore another wonderful world?


If you want to experience an instant orgasm, it is recommended to use suction on the head, and you will feel the taste of electric pleasure in about 1-2 minutes; if you want to feel the ups and downs of the body and enjoy the process, you can pat the head and use air first. Pulse function, when the body enters the state, then activate the vibration functionIf you want to experience the upgraded gameplay, you can first use suction and slurping on the head to "boot up" your body, and then switch to slapping the head to guide yourself into the paradise of sex.

Postscript: Exciting lazy bag

👇🏻The editor has integrated the following formulas for headgear and function, so that everyone can enjoy the most suitable mode as soon as they turn on the phone👇🏻
1️⃣ Suction head + air pulse = suction function
2️⃣ Head tapping + air pulse = tapping function
3️⃣ Pat the head + vibrate = vibration function
4️⃣ Head slap + vibration + air pulse = surge detonation! Suitable for operation in the shower or bathtub

✨My favorite is to use to slap the head, with air pulse+continuous vibration mode, and then gradually adjust from weak to weak in response to changes in the body Strongly feel the ups and downs of the waves

Satisfyer Pro 2
Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus
Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3
Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3
Connect App
Pressure wave stimulation
Vibration mode
Liquid Air Technology
Application Control

Dual replacement heads, one thing with multiple uses
Patting the head does not satisfy the need for large-scale massage
Bluetooth connection speed is fast
The size is too large, making it inconvenient to carry around
Simple and elegant appearance
Vibration and air pulses are controlled separately to create variable modes
The whole body is waterproof

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