【經濟日報】90後青年三位一體尋喜悅 性玩具是生活的一部分

Three Gen Z Youth Seek Joy In Sex Toys, Sex Toys Are Part Of Life

In the 21st century, sex is still a taboo that cannot be talked about for most people. However, from a market perspective, more and more local sex shops are opening. Among them, three young people opened in 2019 After opening "Pleasure Point" in Mong Kok, this year it opened another branch in Causeway Bay. In addition to having a successful career, the joy behind it is actually more than just a sex shop.

The trinity of Pleasure Point includes Kevin, who studied psychology and law, but has also been engaged in fashion design and speaks eloquently. As for constantly supplementing Kevin's words, it is Zion, who has worked in banking and digital marketing fields. And even less so is Dorothy, who once worked in an entertainment company and now works in finance. The above three people's work fields are completely different, but they came together to start a business because of a "controversial" business.

"Zion and I have been friends since early. In 2018, we opened a website to sell sex products. We have accumulated a lot of regular customers online. I found that many of them want to know more about the products when shopping online, and even inquired through the website We had some questions about sexual health. Seeing this, we both thought there was a need to open a physical store, and when it comes to buying sex toys, you really need to touch and feel them in person and communicate with the store staff. Without saying anything, Zion and I started making preparations." Kevin said.

Difficulties in opening a store

However, starting a business is not an easy task. Just finding a berth made the three of them laugh and cry.

"When looking for a shop, many business owners thought we were selling pornographic CDs when they heard that we wanted to open a sex shop. We tried many times but couldn't find a shop. Until we met a business owner, we provided Job, proof of income, university diploma, and even a letter to the owner mentioning our purpose of opening the store and our future social vision. It was only after that that we found a shop in Mong Kok. It’s no wonder that the owner had this idea, after all. Society will label sex shops, but we think this is a good opportunity to educate owners about sex shops," Zion said.

It is true that in the past, sex shops were decorated in a novelty style, both in terms of decoration and store layout. Dorothy has her own experience in this regard.

"I think everyone still remembers the first generation of local sex shops. It should be the one located in the basement of President Mall in Causeway Bay. It is hidden and feels smoky at the same time. There are many sex shops in front of them. You have to poke your head into a tent, so it’s no wonder it’s labeled. It’s for this reason that our store has always been plain and bright from the beginning, without giving people a sense of obscenity. The bright and plain yellow passage in front of the store. The gradient rainbow on the ceiling is a symbol of our embrace of the LGBTQ community,” said Dorothy.

Parental Approval

In addition to the external factors that face the difficulty of renting a shop, it is also difficult for the three hosts to gain the approval of their parents due to internal factors. Kevin is better at this. He always has detailed plans for things to do, and his parents are more open-minded, so he quickly "gives the green light". As for Zion and Dorothy, their fathers thought that their children had finished college. Why did they have this idea of ​​opening a sex shop?

"My friends all have labels on sex shops. I have a female friend who came to visit and she had to cover her eyes with her hands when she saw the sex toys, let alone the parents of the older generation. When you open a store, you have to tell them eventually. My mother knew that when she learned that my friends and I were selling sex toys, she would wonder what was wrong with my mind. Fortunately, after visiting the store, she gradually understood that the purpose of sex shops is to help people improve their physiological quality, and then she realized that Sex shops are not what you imagine," Dorothy said with a smile.

A different sex shop

Of course, Pleasure Point, like other sex shops, sells sex toys, such as the most popular masturbators and condoms, but behind the products, the three of them have a sense of mission.

"Competition among peers is very high, but I think what is different from them is that we have an additional sense of mission. We see that sex education in Hong Kong is still very far behind. The sex education guidelines from the Education Department are still stuck in 1992, and With not many revisions, you can imagine how bad the situation is, but the most terrible thing is that the content is full of threats, for example, if condoms are not used during sex, girls will inevitably have abortions,” Dorothy said.

“For this reason, we hope to do more sex education work. First of all, we will have irregular workshops in the store, such as low-temperature candle classes, the integration of flower arrangements and sex toys, so that everyone can understand the importance of these gadgets. It is not just a toy, but a lifestyle product, part of the fun of life. Secondly, we will take photos and upload them online to share the products with everyone. We will also promote issues related to personal care. Last but not least, we will communicate with you. Some young colleagues went to some NGO non-profit groups to educate on the topic of sexual health. They hope to popularize sex education and attract customers based on knowledge rather than the number and quality of products in the store. The level of fun keeps customers coming," Kelvin said.

However, we know that it is undoubtedly more difficult to take the intellectual route. Fortunately, there are many things that make them feel gratified in the past business road.

Unforgettable memories

"There are really many unforgettable things that happened. I still remember one day, a mother brought her two daughters. It turned out that it was the 18th birthday of one of the daughters. The mother wanted to buy a gift for her daughter. Entering the mark of adulthood. I felt like I had tears in my eyelashes because I looked around at my parents, who were all open-minded, but they couldn’t teach the topic of sex by example, which was very heartwarming,” Kelvin said. .

Zion added: "Another unforgettable case of mine was an older woman who had undergone uterine surgery. After the surgery, her vaginal secretion was insufficient, which affected her sexual intercourse with her husband. So she came to seek a solution, and she felt relieved. What’s more, she actually simply bought a bottle of lubricant, which directly helped her and her husband’s long-standing unstable relationship. I think it’s very meaningful!”

It is true that sex is still a taboo for many Chinese people today, but it is also a very important part of life. As long as you approach it from a positive perspective, I believe no one will mind this kind of high-quality erotic life. Come give it a tight hug and enjoy the joy of love.


Photography: Wong Kim Fig, Ho Wai Hung


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Author and editor: Ho Wai Hung

由左至右:Dorothy、Zion 和 Kevin 三人創立喜穴(Pleasure Point),以性教育、性正向和性多元為理念,2019 年首間店舖在旺角面世,今年在銅鑼灣再開分店,希望以知識性為主導來吸引顧客。Kevin 說:「除了我們 3 人外,我們年輕的店員都有一種對這方面的 mission 和 value,她們甚至幫 NGO 做過講座。」

From left to right: Dorothy, Zion and Kevin founded Pleasure Point with the concept of sex education, sex positivity and sexual diversity. The first store was launched in Mong Kok in 2019, and another branch will be opened in Causeway Bay this year. We hope Attract customers with a knowledge-based approach. Kevin said: "Except for the three of us, our young store employees all have a mission and value in this area. They have even given lectures for NGOs."

為甚麼喜穴店內有些產品會比市面上同類型產品略貴?Dorothy 說:「我們都會盡可能試用每一樣產品,最重要的是這些產品用於身上,一定要優質為前題,而市面上不少店舖購自淘寶,品質有多好大家心裏有數,所以歐洲產品有歐盟標籤,自然有信心保證。」

Why are some products in the Pleasure Point store slightly more expensive than similar products on the market? Dorothy said: "We will try every product as much as possible. The most important thing is that when these products are used on our bodies, they must be of high quality. Many stores on the market purchase them from Taobao, and everyone knows how good the quality is, so Europe The product has an EU label, so you have confidence.”

Zion 說近 5 年性玩具的發展有很大的突破,當中涉及與手機聯繫操控,屬科技性產品,再不是以往的塑膠產品,自己不時要在這方面與時並進,才不會落後於人,可見從事每一行都要下苦功。

 Zion said that there have been great breakthroughs in the development of sex toys in the past five years. They are controlled by mobile phones and are technological products. They are no longer the plastic products of the past. He has to keep pace with the times in this regard so as not to fall behind others. , it can be seen that every profession requires hard work.

喜穴經常參與有關性教育的講座,因為他們的定位不是一間 sex shop 而已,而是集性教育和情趣生活的店舖。

 Pleasure Point often participates in lectures on sex education because they are not just a sex shop, but a store that integrates sex education and fun life.

Kevin 說早期開業會引入比較多來自歐美的產品,但港人對日本產品情有獨鍾,兩地的產品都給人一種安全感,圖中兩個產品都涉及科技的電子產品,在這裏賣個關子,有興趣的人可往店舖詢問呢!

 Kevin said that in the early stages of opening, more products from Europe and the United States will be introduced, but Hong Kong people have a special liking for Japanese products. Products from both places give people a sense of security. The two products in the picture both involve technological electronic products. Here Just for the record, anyone who is interested can ask at the store!


除了性玩具外,這裏亦瞧着 lifestyle 方向進發,不乏一些紓緩精神壓力的健康產品,例如含有大麻成分的按摩油,又或是 CBD 減壓浸浴球。

Bondage 小熊,可會送一個給你好此道的朋友?

 Bondage Bear, Would you like to give a friend who like this type of kink?


 Neatness of the store is very important, giving people a sense of openness and aboveboardness. A clean traditional store gives people a curious look.