Rush / Poppers 是什麼?


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Many friends have inquired about Rush/Poppers.💬
So We hope this post can answer everyone’s doubts🫡< br>
Everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle and body autonomy🤝
The most important thing is to always pay attention to your body's state and reactions🙋
If necessary, remember to consult a trustworthy person/professional 🆘

Rush / Poppers 嘅成分及特性

Ingredients and properties of Rush / Poppers

Rush / Poppers are composed of a variety of alkyl nitrite compounds (Alkyl Nitrites; C5H11ONO)🧪
It is a transparent or orange-yellow highly flammable📛 / explosive💥 liquid
Freshly made ones will exude a strong fruity aroma🍒, while those that have been aged for a long time will have an strong smell like dirty socks🧦


Evolution of uses

Akyl Nitrites were originally used to treat heart disease🫀, angina pectoris and as an antidote to cyanide💊 in the mid-19th century
Later, they were gradually integrated into daily life, and were mostly found small amount from air fresheners🫧 and magnetic head cleaners and nail polish remover.🤏

In the early 1980s, Akyl Nitrites began to slowly become popular in the gay community👬
It was used as a soft drug during sexual intercourse☠️, and slowly evolved into today's Rush / Poppers
The most well-known effect of Rush
is that in addition to relaxing the mind and emotions💆, it can also relax the smooth muscles throughout the body, including the vagina and sphincter


How to use?

Rush is usually placed in an "essential oil" bottle of about 10ml🫙
Open the lid, hold the bottle, and press one side of your nose with your fingers👃🏻
Inhale, then turn to the other side

There are also a few people who will pour Rush on the towel
Then roll up the towel and inhale
However, it has strong irritation to the skin⚠️, which will be more Easily burns skin


How it feel?

According to real users, Rush smells like Marker / Thinner water😷
It usually takes effect quickly after inhalation⏱️
Its psychoactive properties can make the user's heart beat faster🥵, Sensory amplification😳
A light, dizzy feeling💫

Smooth muscles throughout the body (including vagina and sphincter) 🫠
Reduce sensitivity to pain during sex⬇️, and reduce Pleasure amplification⬆️
Only Rush has this high and relaxing effect that is relatively short-lived🌪️
So most users will use it repeatedly to extend its effect⏳


Are there any side effects?

Common immediate side effects include heart palpitations, vomiting🤮, dizziness and headaches🤦 and other physiological reactions
Excessive use can cause difficulty breathing😫, convulsions😵 and coma😱

Long-term use may cause damage to the nasal mucosa Burned🔥👃🏻
Blurred vision, or even temporary blindness😨
In the most severe cases, death may occur due to hypotension or cerebral ischemia💀

Because Amyl Nitrites is a psychotropic drug💊, it will affect Judgment☁️ and sense of crisis
🚨 There may be certain risks when used during sex🚨
🙅Try to avoid accepting drugs provided by third parties🙅

Rush 是否合法?

Is Rush legal?

The Amyl Nitrites in Rush are controlled substances under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance🈲️
It must be prescribed by a doctor👨 in a registered pharmacy🏥 and under the supervision of a registered pharmacist🔍 and can be sold legally
But at present There are no registered drugs containing Amyl Nitrites in Hong Kong
In other words, it is illegal to sell Rush through other channels (including sex toy shops or online stores)🚓


Are theres other ways to relax?

If you want to reduce the pain during sex😣
You can consider using silicone lubricant💧
Compared with water-based, silicone-based lubricant is more durable🏋, more protective🎈, and has higher lubricity🌊
It will form a protective film on the surface of the skin, directly reducing pain and micro-trauma🩹

If you want to achieve mental relaxation
you can consider taking a bath beforehand🛀/showing hot water to cool down🚿, listening to music🎵, massage🤲
or adding foreplay💞, and having sex👩🏻‍ ❤️‍💋‍👨🏻, tease each other🙈, play with toys🍌
It will be easier to get into the mood🥰



If you have any questions🤔
It is recommended that you consult professionals💬

C.H.O.I.C.E Community Health Organisation for Intervention, Care and Empowerment
also provides "Medicine Love" support services
To provide everyone with the correct Reliable information✅

Remember to play safe 🫶🏻