Dr. Dagen’s professional recommendation: 80/100

Allow me to introduce the latest product from Japanese sex toy brand, Toys Heart - the "Goddess Trial." Designed with the theme of a dreamy blonde goddess, this product's shape and structure are meant to resemble a saint descending to earth to train the male penis. While this may seem like an immoral concept, the resulting feelings and sensations are anything but. The anime Onahole masturbation cup features the word "exercise" written on it, targeting beginners and helping them build their stamina through self-pleasure. It is one of the few anime cup styles from Toys Heart that offers high firmness and low stimulation, making it a unique addition to their collection.

Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 產品包裝封面  飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 產品包裝背面 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
Trial of the Goddess Unboxing and Testing! The internal structure of the channel is clearly visible on the box, with the words (トレーニング) written on it.

~Hentai has goddess themes?

Speaking of goddesses, they are often depicted in Hentai anime. According to Dr. Dagen's research, many men possess an innate desire to defile beautiful things. This may explain why so many Hentai anime revolve around themes of "Business (arrogance)" and "Arrival of the Goddess". One such example is the popular "Black Beast Series", which is a classic masterpiece featuring the "Goddess Honkai Impact". The goddess character in this aircraft cup is a typical tsundere princess - on the surface, she is well-mannered, graceful, and luxurious, but deep down, she is full of lust and desire. She even challenges all gentlemen to test their strength against her dragon. This contrast adds a cute and alluring aspect to the character, making it easy for viewers to get lost in their fantasies.

動漫女神 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
The depravity of the goddess and "contrast obscenity" are almost the top three themes of Hentai.

~Deconstructed "Exercise cup"

"Goddess' Trial" is a training-type masturbation cup with high firmness and low stimulation. The word "トレーニング" written on the box means "Training" in Japanese. Many exercise-type masturbation cups are designed to improve the problem of premature ejaculation/delayed leakage. For example, low-stimulation masturbation cups with shallow lines and less complicated structures can make the penis (especially Glans) slowly adapt to the pleasure of thrusting. With continued exercise, you can extend the duration of sex and overcome premature ejaculation.

At the same time, if you are a novice and want to try your first masturbation cup, you may wish to consider this type of low-stimulation exercise cup. The advantage is that it is friendly at the beginning, so novices can master it easily, and can practice different thrusting angles and hand speeds. Once you feel like you have leveled up after playing with it, you can move on to other masturbation cups with more exquisite textures. Refreshment and pleasure are completely different things ~

Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 內部通道 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
Exercise-type masturbation cups are usually designed for beginners, with the intention of allowing everyone to level up slowly.

~Goddess Measurements

The "Goddess's Trial" has a slender size, with an overall length of 16.2cm, an insertable length of 14.7cm, a width of 6cm, and a weight of 295g, making it a lightweight anime masturbation cup. While this may have its advantages, such as ease of use and storage, there are also some downsides. It may not feel as realistic or practical to use. However, the "Trial of the Goddess" makes up for these shortcomings with its firmness and adequate coverage, compensating for its lack of thickness and fleshiness.

Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 產品圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
"Trial of the Goddess" has a clear curved appearance, simulating the beauty of the female body.

~Human-touch skin material

"Trial of the Goddess" is made of human-touch skin like material that has become a hit in recent years. As long as you see the words "ヒトハダ", it means that this material is used. The advantage of human-touch material is that it is soft, oil-free and odorless. After adding KY lubrication, it will have a texture that is very close to human skin. Therefore, it is often used on anime onahole with anime characters as the theme, which is like the famous「Drift Spiral 471」、「At Ichigo」、「Lusty Hot Spring 2」are using this kind of material!

Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 產品入口近鏡 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
The human-touch like material of "ヒトハダ" is a popular material for masturbation cups, which is soft enough to the touch and has quite skin-like elasticity.

~Internal structure

Anime onahole masturbation cup In addition to choosing the character theme, the most important thing is of course to see its pattern. The "Goddess of Trial" pattern is roughly divided into four sections, starting from the entrance are horizontal, straight, fleshy, and horizontal, and finally ends with dense bean grains. Another quite thoughtful little point is that the middle of the "Goddess Trial" hides two relatively narrow passages, which change significantly when thrusting, making this already high-tightness more layered High, when used with manual pressing, it will be really cool to go back!

Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 內部通道特點 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
The "Goddess of Trial" pattern is roughly divided into 4 sections, focusing on the bean bits at the end.

~Review: extremely firm + good for beginners

The official positioning of "Goddess Trial" is a medium-low stimulation, high-tightness onahole masturbation cup. The first impression of the test is: "It's tight!"

Despite its main focus on the "goddess" concept, the tightness of this masturbation cup is on par with those designed to simulate a "virgin" experience. Its tightness may even create the illusion of needing time to adapt upon insertion. The sensation of being fully filled, almost reaching the cervix, adds to the overall realism and provides an unexpected surprise bonus.

When it comes to pleasure, Dr. Dagen would give it a rating of 80! The main source of stimulation in this model is focused on the penis, with two narrow sections in the tube providing additional sensations. Because it is a non-through-type masturbation cup, when inserted, one can feel the penis being constantly stimulated by densely distributed bumps, resulting in a tingling pleasure similar to an electric current, especially for those who are sensitive.

Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 產品外型 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
As far as you should see the whole design is narrow and small, the entrance is elastic, the streamlined design is quite right to hold.


And because the duct is narrow, so when you want to pull out will have a force sucking you, tiny horizontal lines will press against the cock, like a desire to refuse to welcome the vagina, once entered to clamp firmly, It's like hearing the classic dialogue in H motion: "Where do you still want to go?" All brave men, imagine how the "goddess" will try your D ~

In conclusion, the Goddess Trial has its advantages and inherent shortcomings as a lightweight masturbation cup. However, at its price point, it is a good value for money option, especially for beginners who may not want something too intense. It is a perfect starting point, as it is positioned as a training airplane cup (if you recall, this type of cup is malleable - see our previous article for more information). Even for those with a more sensitive penis or who tend to finish too early, this cup can be a great tool for practicing endurance. After all, bravely facing challenges often requires a certain level of stamina, right?

~Tips:2 secret tricks to increase excitement!

As for the gentlemen who are looking for excitement, is it necessarily not suitable to play this "Goddess of the Trial"? Dr. Dagen discovered that there are actually 2 ways to improve masturbation stimulation, the following is recommended to you!

  1. "Absolute" massageThe penis
    When inserted at the deepest, change to one hand to hold the stem, the other hand to grasp the top of the masturbation cup, rubbing and massaging the penis in a circular motion, ie It is the internal meat and beans compacted penis + coronal groove constantly rubbing, so that the whole masturbation cup most stimulating place magnified to the extreme, want to say that the crisp feeling is really not everyone can stand!

  2. Rotating movements to explore the best angle For example, when entering the deepest grip the entire stem tightly, then slowly twist the next masturbation cup, using up the narrow spots and lines on the duct to rub the entire penis, find the right The cooler part, take out a little, and then plug and plug to the end, the whole famous device's coolness "top shoved out", that hidden version of the comfort is seriously addictive.
    Toy's Hearts 女神之試練 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 通道肉粒近鏡 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
    Although not the main excitement, but know how to play can have N kinds of play, their own Upgrade pleasure.