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Impressions before use

I have heard of the Satisfyer brand for a long time. When searching for "toys for newbies" on the Internet, this brand is almost always on the list. Perhaps it's because it's a German brand that gives a sense of confidence, or maybe it's because it's small enough to be easily concealed for those living with family and without private space. The brand's clitoral suction device has a patented Air Pulse function, creating a suction sensation through air pulses without actually touching the clitoris.

The packaging of Love Breeze is very simple, with a light yellow and blue color scheme and only lines outlining a person tilting their head slightly. It's no wonder it won the German Design Award that year. The cover already has the appearance of the toy printed on it, with a combination of metal and coral red that is not common among toys. In other words, the imitation metallic colors of this series stand out next to other brightly colored toys.

However, its feel and color are different. We often have the preconception that metal will be cold and hard, but holding Love Breeze is like holding your partner's hand. The triangular arched position is like finger bones, and stroking left and right is equally smooth.

After breaking the seal and discarding the packaging, you will see Love Breeze. Underneath the toy and the black plastic that holds it, you will find the charging cable. It is a magnetic USB charging cable, which is commonly used in waterproof toys like Love Breeze, which has IPX7 waterproof technology and can be safely used in the bathroom and shower. The only thing to note is that the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees or fall below 5 degrees.

According to the instruction manual, the toy needs to be charged for one and a half hours and can be used for one hour after charging. The USB magnet head is placed on the toy head, and the crisp collision sound reveals that after an hour and a half, you can try the pleasure Love Breeze calls: try the eleven sucking modes it says to see if it can truly satisfy people with different levels of clitoral sensitivity. Others often mention achieving continuous orgasms through Love Breeze.

Love Breeze 包裝特徵

Actual use

Lying on the bed, I clicked on Apocalypse and long pressed the toy's start button. Its sound is louder than the sound of the fan, and family members who are separated by a door panel have no way of knowing. Then, following the rhythm and ups and downs of my breathing, I placed the toy on my clitoris along with the lubricant squeezed out.

As gentle as a lover's kiss
The first level of mode is gentle, as gentle as a lover kissing the back of your hand. Just press the upward button to increase the pressure until you are most comfortable. This method of operation is very intuitive and can be adjusted at any time according to your own ability. I stopped at the fourth degree. It has a vibrating feeling, but at the same time you can feel the different pulses and negative pressure. This different intensity and unknown made me feel as if I was under control, but this control was also based on my own control, in order to bring about some kind of unknown that I expected, allowing me to enjoy this sudden stimulation. Finally, I turned around and buried my face between the pillows, so that the cotton could swallow my moans: I found that to a certain extent, I was worrying too much about the sound of the toy. Instead, I was worried that my voice would wake up my sleeping family members.

Love Breeze 盒內觀感


Compact and suitable for novices
I admit that before I used it, I was still dubious about the packaging and the functions I could find on the Internet: after all, the toy is too small and I can hold it in one hand. Moreover, its price is relatively low compared to other toys. People who think that money can represent value will always have doubts about these products that seem to be too cheap. After using it, I think it does meet many descriptions. If you are a novice, this may be one of the products that you cannot miss.

The entry-level choice
It is intuitive to use, and it also brings me the pleasure that I rarely experience when masturbating, and it is easy to collect. Toys that are easy to collect are the best choice for novices who are new to toys and are unable to avoid the embarrassment of explaining them to their families. Moreover, its price is quite affordable, but its function does not make it worse than other toys. It is very suitable as the first toy to try.  

Although I have just talked about how to use Love Breeze to achieve self-satisfaction, I believe that even a complete novice will like Love Breeze. After all, the above considerations are not unique to novices, they apply to everyone else as well.

For exploration
In addition, Love Breeze is also suitable for exploration with a partner: it can stimulate the clitoris while inserting or massaging the G-spot, taking care of two sensitive locations at the same time, and can also stimulate the nipples . In particular, Love Breeze is easy to carry and can be easily put into a backpack for dates or staycations.

Love Breeze 產品與包裝盒


Overall, I would say that Love Breeze is a great value for money product. I would say that this is a gentle product. It is not only gentle when used, but also takes into account the needs of the user and provides such high-quality gentleness at an affordable price. However, everyone’s pursuit of toys is different. If you don’t know yet whether you like this kind of tenderness, you might as well buy one and let yourself try it.