Extra Lubricant

In addition to condoms, lubricant is also a necessity for safe sex, especially for women who may experience vaginal dryness due to age. Adequate lubrication plays a crucial role in the overall sexual experience and interest of both parties. While most condoms come pre-lubricated, it is still recommended to add additional lubricant. Alternatively, double lubricated condoms eliminate the need for this extra step and are favored by many.Such as:
  • People who have no special requirements for lubrication; or
  • A person who hates having lubrication on their hands; or
  • A person who is in a hurry and has no time to apply lubricant; or
  • People who have limited space and don’t want to bring too many things.
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    Thick (Long-lasting) Condom

    The higher the level of stimulation, the easier it is to reach orgasm. However, for those who prefer a longer-lasting experience, functional condoms are designed to reduce irritation and prolong the overall sexual experience.
    1. Some condoms are designed to increase thickness in order to offset the stimulation caused by friction and achieve a physical delay effect. These condoms, typically 0.1mm thick, are meant to provide a longer-lasting experience. To balance comfort and effectiveness, new technologies have introduced a partially thickened design at the tip, reducing sensitivity in the glans while still providing a light and thin experience.
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    1. Partial tightening (physical):These types of condoms are designed with a tighter base, similar to a cock ring, to hold the blood in the penis and achieve a longer-lasting and stronger effect. Some users have described a feeling of being "held back" when nearing ejaculation, making it easier to consciously control and delay the release.
    2. Anesthetic ingredient (chemistry):Benzocaine, an anesthetic, is applied to the tip of the condom to decrease sensitivity in the glans and delay orgasm, thereby extending the duration of an erection. However, it's important to note that benzocaine can be highly allergenic. Despite its ability to dissolve at body temperature, it may still lead to symptoms like dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and difficulty breathing. Therefore, caution must be exercised when using it. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, it is crucial to discontinue its use promptly and seek medical advice.

    Finger Condom

    Kato Taka claims to have a "gold finger" that can make women climax within 3 seconds. I believe everyone has heard of it, right? Finger intercourse is also an important part of sex. Before playing vaginal games, it is even more necessary to use your fingers to help the posterior muscles adapt and relax. Many people know that they must clean their hands carefully beforehand. However, reaching into private parts with bare hands is still dangerous:
    • Handwashing cannot completely clean the dirt and bacteria between the fingers, which can easily lead to infection and inflammation of sensitive private parts;
    • The hardness and edges of nails may scratch private muscles during repeated friction;
    • If your fingers have wounds (such as torn barbs), they are easily infected with bacteria from the secretions of your private parts.
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    Oral Sex (Dental Dam) Condoms

    Diseases can be transmitted through oral contact, and certain sexually transmitted diseases, like gonorrhea, can also be contracted through unprotected oral sex. While the risk may not be extremely high, it is still important to use condoms as a preventive measure. Compared with ordinary condoms, we recommend using special oral sex condoms because oral sex condoms:
    • No lubrication, easier to eat (general lubrication has a bitter taste and is not specially designed for consumption)
    • Fragranced to cover up the odor of natural latex, making the process more enjoyable
    Considering the demand for oral sex, there are also paper-shaped oral sex films available in the market. These films can be used on various areas such as the anus, vagina, and more. They work particularly well when paired with edible lubrication, enhancing the overall experience.
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    Warming / Cooling Condoms

    • Use warm and cool lube or condoms
    • Condoms with both hot and cold properties
    Numerous women have told that warmth can impart a cozy and pleasurable sensation, whereas coolness can elicit noticeable stimulation. However, it is important to recognize that individual tolerance varies, leading to differing perceptions of hot or cold products.
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    Q:What is behind the cooling and warming condoms?
    A:Cooling products typically contain menthol, which has the ability to stimulate the central nervous system, dilate skin capillaries, increase sweat gland secretion, promote heat dissipation, and create a cooling sensation. On the other hand, products that provide a warm sensation release heat by absorbing moisture from the surroundings. Additionally, the exhaled moisture during blowing can further enhance heat release, resulting in a more intense feeling of warmth.

    Stubs / Threaded Condoms

    Ever since the introduction of female toys, it has become essential for girls to recognize their right to pursue sexual pleasure. The market offers a wide range of condoms specifically designed to enhance women's pleasure. Girls can openly communicate with their partners and request condoms that can provide them with heightened enjoyment, ensuring a mutually satisfying experience. One such type of condom focuses on enhancing surface stimulation. By incorporating surface convexity and unevenness, these condoms increase the contact area and friction coefficient with the vaginal wall, significantly intensifying stimulation. These condoms do not impede boys' movements, while simultaneously amplifying pleasure for girls. It is important to note:
    • Lubricate well to avoid pain caused by excessive friction;
    • Boys must have enough hardness to give girls the "clear" feeling;
    • Everyone has different sensitivities and different feelings about external lines, so the effects vary from person to person.
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    Luminous Condoms

    When it comes to setting the atmosphere, dimming the lights creates a heightened emotional ambiance. Just imagine the sheer romance of experiencing something in complete darkness.