Staycation 愛愛體位指南

1. The desk

❣️ Standing rear entry

One's upper body lies on the desk, the other inserts from behind.

This position is easier to stimulate the G-spot / P-spot, if the desk has a mirror can still look at each other's cool face, excellent visual enjoyment😎.

Note: If the height of both parties is far apart, you may need to adjust the angle of insertion, for example, the party being inserted can lie lower, the upper half closer to the desk, the hips can naturally lift higher, easier insert.

❣️Sitting table style

One party sits on a desk with legs spread facing the inserted party.

The party who is inserted into this position can enjoy the feeling of being conquered by love, and it is also relatively labor-saving, so there is no fear of fighting a protracted battle😈




❣️Female on top and man on bottom

The insertion is half lying in the bathtub with the other sitting on its body.

This position can make both parties' bodies closer, bathing while also feeling each other's body temperature, so that the fire of desire further ignited 🔥

Note: It is harder to feel each other's lubrication in water, and water itself is not enough as a lubricant, so it is recommended to prepare silicone lubricant to ensure smooth and unobstructed love💧

3. Tank

❣️ Standing oral sex

One side stands, the other kneels down for the other's mouth love

According to the position CP value is super high, both parties enjoy the ultimate sense of conquest/being conquered😈, and occupies less space, even if the location is narrow, easy to operate👅.

If you play with the shower on, you can make the shower a little lighter, so it will not be so that the shower face shot, breathing is easier 👃🏻.


4、Window sill

❣️Side entry

The party being penetrated lies on his side on the window sill, while the other stands on the edge of the window sill, lifting one leg of the other and inserting it from behind.

This position is easier to explore in depth, and the one side of the insertion facing the window (to ensure privacy is to pull the curtains before dragging it 😎), also has a kind of faint sense of excitement😳.


5、Full body mirror

❣️ Standing rear entry

Bend down to the mirror on one hand, insert from behind on the other.

In addition to easily stimulating the G-spot / P-spot, you can also look at each other's cool face, visual enjoyment burst points 😎!

If there is a height difference, you may need to adjust the insertion angle, for example, being inserted lower lower, it will be easier to insert.

Standing Rear Entry

Editor's words

Remember to clean and disinfect the surface of the facility after you finish

Respect the hotel facilities and the feelings of other guests!