Arcwave Voy 實物圖及包裝

To be honest, my expectations for VOY were not high at first impression.

Established as a new men's brand under the reputable German WOW TECH GROUP, ARCWAVE has a long history of success with their first product, the ARCWAVE ION. This product has completely changed the perception of electric airplane cups and masturbators, thanks to its unique design resembling an aircraft carrier, its stimulating sucking function, and its various sensations such as tapping, vibration, and sucking all in one. It's no wonder that the ARCWAVE ION has gained a well-deserved reputation and is difficult to replace in its field.

Arcwave Ion 和 Arcwave Voy 包裝尺寸對比

A year and a half after the success of the ARCWAVE ION, the brand has launched another new toy, the VOY. At first glance, it appears to be a modern, high-tech, and science fiction-inspired product with its three-letter English name and lightning blue vortex illustration. Upon closer inspection, it's revealed to be a non-electric through-type masturbation cup. This may seem like a simplified version of the ARCWAVE ION, but it's an unfair comparison to make. The VOY offers a unique and separate experience that should not be underestimated.

At first, I wasn't as eager to try the VOY compared to the ARCWAVE ION. However, one day while using the ION, the thought of my neglected "baby brother" VOY crossed my mind and I felt a sudden urge to give it a try. To my surprise, despite not being as powerful as the ION, the VOY has its own unique abilities that made me reflect on my initial judgment and reminded me not to judge a cup by its appearance.

I never expected to be surprised by a seemingly ordinary masturbation cup.


Arcwave Voy 包裝圖

The VOY's packaging is like a mini version of the ARCWAVE ION, with the same ivory white design and key visual of the product, along with the storm tornado effect. If you didn't know any better, you might mistake it for an aircraft engine, but upon closer inspection, it's clear that it's a beautiful and well-designed product. Receiving this as a gift would definitely leave a lasting impression.

Arcwave Voy 包裝旁邊封條

The quality seal sticker on the side of the box is printed with the words “Hold Tight” (still not selling an aircraft engine?!), which tells me to hold on to the armrest and buckle my seat belt, because VOY is about to lead me (and my D )Crossing the galactic skyline, shuttling in the Pleasure Laser (an unstoppable psychological little theater).

Arcwave Voy 包裝底部

The back is printed with a small profile of Tightness Adjustment System, CleanTech Silicone, and Compact Size. At this point, it seems that one of VOY’s main selling points has not been mentioned, which is its“Loose Tightness Adjustment System” (TAS). I immediately “dinged” when I saw “CleanTech Silicone” — it’s the same material as the ARCWAVE ION, and it’s also the material of Ben Shao’s great love (secretly adding points).

Arcwave Voy 內容一覽圖

The unboxing experience reveals the VOY body, a small bottle of ARCWAVE by pjur-specific lubricant, and an instruction manual. While the packaging may not be as extravagant as the ION's treasure box, it's still well-presented. As the VOY is not an electric model, it's understandable that the packaging would be smaller.


Arcwave Voy 與相機鏡頭

The first impression when I pick it up is: "It looks like a DSLR lens 😂", when placed next to a camera, it can be quite confusing!

Arcwave Voy 鏡頭特寫

After another round of careful inspection, I found that many of the elements really looked like DSLR lenses! From the"lens cover" to the"focus ring" and even the feel of the shell, it is highly doubtful that the designer is a photography enthusiast.

Arcwave Voy 與罐裝飲料尺寸對比

Weighing in at 358g and measuring 85 x 115mm, the VOY is fatter and shorter than a soda can, while the weight is almost identical. For a through-type airplane cup, it is not really slim and light, instead I would describe it as a muscular muscular type. As far as I can see, the thickness of the plastic is an inch thick, even some sell fleshy famous vessels may not be enough for it.

Arcwave Voy 通道內部

Simple pit patterns are provided in the pipe. Although it is not intricate meat x horizontal stripes x spiral x segmentation, but the advantage is that it is three-dimensional, visually the pit lines are 5mm deep / convex. To be fair pit lines are not VOY's main selling point, let alone sometimes the simpler things are harder to stand out.

Arcwave Voy 鏡點狀高炒

Overall, I would describe VOY’s design as“Simplified”,“Stylish”,“Modern”. In my mind, men who use VOY are — you guessed it — use DSLR cameras and have astylist with minimalist taste😎. When you bring a VOY through airport security, inspectors can mistake it for a DSLR lens.

This is, exactly, what I often tell people about“living design”


Arcwave Voy 解體圖

As a non-electric style masturbation cup, it's not surprising that there are no additional accessories included. However, the two "lens covers" at the front and back are worth mentioning as they serve a dual purpose of being both dustproof and ventilated. How convenient!

Arcwave Voy 鏡頭蓋高炒

It's not magic, but rather the top edges of the two lids feature three slim vent holes to allow for ventilation even if the lid is not completely dry after washing the toy (although not recommended).


It’s finally my turn to comment on the star of the show — Tightness Adjustment System (TAS)!

Arcwave Voy TAS 不同程度通道對比

The 8-stage tightening adjustment setting is easily distinguishable with the 8 dots on the turning ring. There will be a crisp, healing "crack" sound when twisting. It's worth noting that the inner side of the pipe does not narrow uniformly, but instead has individual "small hills" bulges, creating an irregular internal structure with undulating shapes. This difference is very evident to the naked eye.

Arcwave Voy TAS 快圖

To relax back, simply twist the rotating ring in the opposite direction, and the inside of the pipe will “close in” and return to a consistent diameter.


玻璃按摩棒插入Arcwave Voy

After a round of practice, I can say it out loud VOY is beyond my expectations!


As a toy lover, I naturally have some requirements for the material of toys. Users who have tried ARCWAVE ION will naturally know how superior the brand’s own CleanTech Silicone is. I have to admit, it really is a penny for the price —the plastic is thick and flexible enough, not too hard or too soft.

When CleanTech Silicone meets lube, it becomes incomparably smooth and doesn’t stuck in. Such high-quality materials feel that it will be very durable and will not break easily. Cleaning is also effortless, all the liquid is easy to come out in a gentle rinse.


This is the real meat of VOY. The texture difference from 1 to 8 is very large, even if you put two fingers into it will be obviously feel, The feeling is even stronger. Tuning to the tightest setting is like a few pairs of “golden fingers” pressing on dick. Because the internal "small hills" valley up has a certain width, precise and not too concentrated , feel the "small hills" location squeezed significantly stronger , even if you don't thrust back and forth, it's quite fun to just turn the swivel ring.

The adjustable tightness of the cup part is achieved by squeezing it with your hand, rather than having a built-in mechanism like the VOY. Both modes have their own pros and cons. The advantage of the former is that it's more intuitive, as many adjustable loose air cups are pressed through the hand, but the sensation is not as fresh and your fingers may get in the way. However, TAS can avoid this problem while providing a unique texture.


The pit lines on the inside of the duct are similar to ARCWAVE ION, but they feel more three-dimensional. The pit lines during thrusting had a fair amount of friction on the glans and coronal sulcus (especially the latter), which was more irritating than expected.

There is also a little known feature in addition to being used to grind penis, some pit slots also trap some lube, allowing you to play longer.

Enveloping Feeling

You might think that through-type cups have nothing to do with the word "coverage" at all. After all, coverage is often associated with the covering of the penis. At the top of the penis, there may only be a sense of emptiness. And when being stimulated to the point of ejaculation, the penis may feel empty, lonely, and cold. How can we cover up this feeling?

Compared to traditional (non-penetrating) masturbation cups, the difference is quite noticeable. The "coverage" I'm referring to comes from the thick plastic and longer body of the cup (which is a typical German design). The clever use of the TAS can create a packed feeling, unless you are particularly large in size, even the tip will feel enveloped.


Arcwave Voy 與水

Cleaning is genuinely a no brainer — directly soaking the whole piece in water, easier than (out of) fire. Nothing else, no electronic parts, just can be wild! I like to use the shower to rinse strongly. Firstly, it is quick and secondly, high-pressure spray can thoroughly rinse away the semen.

In order to answer your burning questions, I tried cleaning the toy without soap and found it to be acceptable. In addition to the powerful shower head, I also appreciate the non-porous antibacterial CleanTech Silicone which eliminates any odor after cleaning. And the best part? It dries quickly, which is always a plus.

Personally, I don’t recommend disassembling and cleaning the soft rubber shell, because its skin is thick and fleshy, and it is difficult to put it back into a hard rubber shell after it is removed. Trust me, I leaned it the hard way.


手握Arcwave Voy

In fact, the market has never been short of loosely adjusted airplane cups. However, the VOY gave me not only a satisfying climax, but also a prestigious and exclusive experience. The design, materials, and feel all adhere to the high-end positioning of ARCWAVE, and just like with the ARCWAVE ION, you will find yourself inexplicably wanting to touch it before and after use. When a brand can create this level of connection with its users, it's more than half successful because the toy becomes a part of their daily life, bringing a small excitement just thinking about using it.

I agree, adding vibration and a transparent version would be nice, but these are just my personal wishes. ARCWAVE, like all brands under WOW TECH GROUP, is known for its innovation and technical advancements, so it's not surprising that they are not following the trend of adding vibrations to their cups. They have a unique mindset and approach to creating their products, which sets them apart from other brands.

If you're a fan of unique gadgets, I would definitely recommend the VOY (and ION) for you. While the VOY and ION may not be the most stimulating toys, they will make you slow down and enjoy the experience. As someone who values slowing down in life, I can personally attest to the extra value this brings.

Review:8.5 / 10