JETT review

This toy would be explained in two words

"Forced Orgasm"

What is "forced"?

JETT 的兩粒震蛋

A, Strong vibration that leaves no time to rest

JETT have two vibrators are big and powerfulbut this is not enough to make it a must-buy. What really attracted me was itsmarket-first “Treble and Bass TechnologyTM”, which puts two worldly different vibrators in a toy, matching each other, complementing each other, to the point of strength Not giving dick any space to rest.

The two vibrators are representatives of high-frequency vibration (Buzzy) and low-frequency vibration (Rumbly): the former is the feeling of the AV rod vibrating to the point of numbness. The latter is less intense, but the vibrations are penetrating and can reach deep into the body’s nerves.

Other vibrating toys on the market favor one or take the middle position, but no one is as generous as JETT: "You will like both, I'll give it to you, catch it!" .

Whether it is Buzzy or Rumbly, JETT has it all. It is definitely a revolutionary work in the sex toy market.

Two vibratorseach have 6 vibration intensities, and when adjusted independently, the two vibrators will have a total of 6 x 6 = 36 vibration intensity combinations. With 10 vibration modes, expand from 36 to 36 x 10 = 360 vibration combinations! Your dick really can't rest!


JETT 矽膠套

B, Forced restraints that unable to get rid of

To entangle the penis with the two large vibrators mentioned above, you must rely on the included silicone sleeve, which installs the two vibrators and puts them in the coronal groove

The condom is very stable after being put on. Even if it is not hard, the condom will still get stuck in the coronal groove

if the penis is pulled down by the weight of the vibrator


So, even when you soft back and surrender after ejaculation, the penis can’t leave the condom until you feel like you’re going to be played bad and can’t help but take it off with your hands. Or press and stop the vibrator. If you play alone, you can completely imagine that you are being controlled by others.

This is very crucial in achieving forced orgasm, and the average airplane cup or other penis vibrator will jump out when the penis is a little softer. JETT wins again!

What is "orgasm"?

You can feel one of the vibrators alone first, whichever fits the feel is greater the intensity

First level, ejaculation

With the vibrator on, the vibration is completely concentrated on the penis. It didn't take a minute, the first level was broken. ggez 🚬

As mentioned earlier, JETT offers 36 vibration intensity combinations that can eventually be expanded to 360 combinations. In my experience, even just using one of the 36 combinations on the go can lead to an intense orgasm within 60 seconds, or even just 30 seconds.

During my solo experiences, I found that the Buzzy vibrator provided a comfortable, slightly numbing sensation without any urge to struggle. On the other hand, the Rumbly vibrator's deeper vibrations can feel like a slapping sensation on the penis, and can even be painful if the intensity is set too high. Both offer different sensations - one mild and one stimulating - but the best way to experience JETT is with both vibrators simultaneously for a hands-free orgasm. After using it multiple times, I realized that there is no need to stick to a specific combination. The body's response to the vibrator can be affected by various factors such as mood and mental state, so the best combination may change each time. Luckily, JETT offers 360 vibration combinations, so there is always something new to try.

The process of exploring which combination is the best can be quite enjoyable, especially when there is no rush. It's all about finding what works best for you and your body.

The moment of ejaculation with JETT is truly amazing. The weight of the two vibrators adds to the sensation as they pull your penis down and swing around. If the ejaculation has enough force, the semen will splash around, creating a satisfying mess. And why not take it to the next level and try ejaculating on your own face for added excitement?

Second level, men's squirting

After ejaculation, it can be difficult to continue stimulating on your own. That's where JETT comes in, as you can rely on the two vibrators to provide high levels of stimulation to keep you going. It's a great way to prolong the experience and hold back the urge to finish.

This Happy Ending, which I inadvertently discovered (developed) without even mentioning the Hot Octopuss brand itself.

The essence is: Don't do anything after ejaculation

Do not turn off the vibrator after ejaculation. Nothing is good, let the vibrator continue to vibrate, must not let JJ shake. Next, the penis will be particularly sensitive, and the sensations brought by the vibration will be more exciting, intense, and more wanting to struggle.

The sensation is truly indescribable - a mix of naughtiness, anticipation, and an intense desire to continue despite the overwhelming pleasure. It's a thrilling experience that can lead to multiple orgasms in under a minute.

This time, though, it wasn’t semen that was sprayed, buta gorgeous and heavy “rain”

I said I was secretly playing while Roommate was out in the Hall for dinner. I was really scared for a moment when I sprayed urine in the wardrobe mirror (actually I took pictures and wanted to put pictures)! The semen is easy to wipe, but the water is hard to collect! So if you want to play squirting, you really need to choose a good place!

While squirting may be more difficult to control and may even result in getting some on yourself, the visual and emotional experience of squirting is much more intense than ejaculation. It's a feeling of naughtiness and inhibition that takes the pleasure to another level. Shooting out a stream of water adds to the excitement and playfulness of the experience.

After discovering that JETT can play with squirting, I fell in love with it immediately.

Freehand squirting is a difficult feat to achieve, as it requires intense stimulation of the penis immediately after ejaculation. This can be a challenging feeling for some, and it takes a lot of self-control to achieve. It's a pleasure that I have been trying to experience as well.


JETT’s other ways to play

Even though JETT is marketed as a male sex toy, the strength and intensity of the vibrations make it suitable for anyone who enjoys powerful stimulation. It's all about finding what works best for your body and your pleasure.

JETT can be used without a condom, making it function like a regular vibrator. It can also be used for nipple or perineal stimulation. Some users even get creative and use a vibrator cover to turn it into a glove for their partner. With its versatility, JETT can definitely be considered a couple's toy.


It's common for vibrators to get louder as the vibration intensity increases. JETT, with its two eggs, is no exception. While trying to cover up the sound with the noise of water in the shower, it can still be heard faintly in the background. It's important to keep in mind that there will always be some noise with any sex toy.

JETT is definitely worth the slight noise it makes. It's important to remember that any noise from a sex toy is a small price to pay for the pleasure and satisfaction it can bring. As long as you're in a private setting, the noise shouldn't be a problem.


It's important to remember to clean JETT after use, whether sharing it with a partner or using it solo. The vibrator case is made of silicone and can be easily cleaned with toy cleaner or warm water (you can even use boiling water if needed!). However, it's important to note that the device itself is not waterproof, so be careful when cleaning it.

Recommendation Score/Recommend the Right User

■ Suitable for: People/couples who want to experience handless orgasms/men's squirting.

■ Recommended Score: 10/10

■ Pros: 360 vibration combinations;forced orgasm.

■ Disadvantages: not waterproof; partially noisy; vibrator cover is not elastic enough; vibrator is heavy.

■ Function: 10/10 (As a vibrator, it’s enough for everything!)

■ Stimulation intensity: 10/10 (orgasm within 60 seconds!)

■ Orgasm level: 10/10 (I’m already squirting, why don’t you explode?)

■ Playability: 10/10 (play as a regular vibrator without the case)

■ Feel and appearance: 8/10

■ Cleaning and convenience: 8/10

■ Total rating: 9.3/10