by Emily (F)

It was a great foreplay experience❤️❤️❤️❤️

Quiet, multi-mode, easy to clean, easy to carry, no one notices😏, sums up the biggest advantages! The most important thing about a good vibrator is that no one knows when playing, and playing with people? Play by yourself? It's just as happy and excited, the important thing is easy to clean without dead spots, after playing clean is not easy to get sick ~ ❤️❤️❤️

Return to the main story first ❤️, "Tu Tu Heart Egg" is the same as the traditional little monster, can be played with the mobile app, the best thing is that you can send a link to the other half, the other person is busy before meeting (aka meeting doing work Pretending to work when) is the phone can tease you, the most convenient is staycation everyone appointment not to the time, can already play wet ~ 😏😏😏 When you can go in and out of peace, it is a very alternative foreplay experience, a transcendental experience ❤️! The app also has other people playing "wavelength", clicked in can try the unknown vibration mode, is quite great ❤️ ~ (Credit: find the previous "partner" to play)

When playing by yourself, there is a space problem of course do not want the family to know, fortunately the sudden heartbeat egg, shaking when not very loud, not so easy to be noticed. When you control yourself, it's like playing driving into the gear, vibrating the "sister" can adjust different angles, want to enter D or, want to come out a little mild D can, got 😂! Compared to the egg-shaped vibrator, the perception is like a vibrator stick to hold, can find their different sensitive locations, seems easier, and hands can be dryer 😂, do not wash too Dirty❤️.

Speaking of the vibration mode, my favorite is after the start of the machine ban three fast vibrations a round of very high and then ban more, will feel a sudden different vibration amplitude speed, get used to then ban , the feeling will be like the usual with the other half kind of feeling ❤️, will not be like just playing with toys so dead, no longer open the app with your fingers in the app ban, very convenient, stick convenience in will see the ban ban, easy D forbidden. (Seeing her light flicker will make you feel like you are in sync with your own body and you are about to climax)

using it to vibrate my vagina, I also have to take care of my own little nipples. My nipples are not very sensitive, so I always ask my partner to skip the kissing the nipple part. However, when I use the vibrator while massaging my chest, oh my god! I finally found the spot! Using it for foreplay and shaking it through the bottom is a great experience. And even if you don't wash it, you can use it for a long time without any issues. It's also great to use as a stick.

For toy newbies
You can first use the stick to explore the sensitive areas of the body such as the neck, behind the ears, linlin and clitoris, use the lightest force mode to let the body enter a state of excitement first, then It's nice to play with your other half slowly.

For single players a.k.a me
and vibrate and plug, understand 😏, know how to play ❤️, (however I would recommend can players buy "bunny" , you can ask what is "bunny" to the store clerk ❤️), both play together, shake lin play rabbit omg! 🤩🤩🤩

For want the other half to join the world of toys
Entry-level toys, cute and not as noticeable as traditional toys, minutes with you to play "beautiful girl turns around Become a Warrior” Develop your new universe 😍😍😍! I think if I have never tried using a vibrator, the first time I play this sudden heartbeat egg should be less resistant 🥰. (Put it on the bed, my mother asked if it was (ordinary massage stick 😋)


by Mary(F) & Thomas(M)

Feel more advanced

I'm glad to have been chosen as one of the testers. My boyfriend and I have both tried the vibrator and have written our thoughts about it.

First of all the toy feels good, so good that we take it and pinch it when our hands itch. The neck is so soft that it can be bent with fingers alone, and it will sway with the airflow to fing, taking it as a pump is bursting haha.

In terms of sensation, I have used it on my clitoris and vagina. I like to use the two horns on the top of the vibrator to tickle my clitoris because they are very flexible and provide a comfortable tickling sensation. The vibration is moderate, but if I use the protruding part directly on my clitoris, it provides a better sensation than the vibration. There is not a very swollen feeling after I insert it, but when I use the bulge function, it feels like it's bumping into my G-spot. When I bend the end of the vibrator and press it against my clitoris, the sensation is almost the same. The neck of the vibrator is soft and can bend without much force, but the vibration at the end is weak, so the best sensation is felt in the vagina.

Because my boyfriend plays with the anus, he is interested in trying the toy. Here is a note of his feelings:

The only difficulty I faced was when trying to insert the doll's head into my anus. But overall, it's not difficult to play with this feature. My partner mentioned that the doll's head is not pointed enough and the neck is too easy to bend, so when inserting it into the anus, you need to hold the doll's head and push it in with some force. It feels like you're stuffing the doll's head in. The rest of the vibrator can be inserted easily, and my boyfriend didn't feel any foreign body sensation, making it easy to use from top to bottom.

After turning on the "tutu" function, my boyfriend said it felt a little subtle. Having never tried the feeling of a slap, he was worried that it would be too strong, but in the end, he received the strongest wave frequency. He said that the sensation of being slapped feels more comfortable than vibration, and being able to feel where the doll's head is slapping adds to the experience. As for the prostate, we tried adjusting the position but didn't feel a definite middle point, maybe because we are not familiar with the prostate's location. However, we did feel that the neck of the vibrator is too easy to bend, so we couldn't use it to target specific areas. Later, we simply used the "protruding" function as a fake pigeon and thrust it into her anus, which she enjoyed more when inserted well. So we think the Monster Flex can be a great option for men to use with a fake pigeon for anal play.

We decided to try using the heart-pounding egg on my boyfriend's brother to see if there was another way to play with it. However, the vibration of the Monster Flex was not strong enough and there was no slapping effect when used on the penis. We concluded that it was more suitable as a girl's toy.

Lastly, I want to mention the APP. The interface is very simple, and there is a community where you can share your wave frequency and experiences with others. You can relax and enjoy the sensation without having to constantly adjust the settings yourself. It's a very user-friendly feature. I love it! Thank you Pleasure Point for sending me this amazing vibrator!


by Medical students who enjoy studying the mysteries of the human body. (F)


「This sudden heartbeat egg is really good💓 usually some people say good use of the vibrating stick only know how to vibrate, this heart position knows how to protrude a little, on the bean bean / g point focus Provocative, quite feel!

“And it’s not too thick, quite suitable for beginners to play, put in easy derrr ~ connected to the app after the boyfriend control, with one finger to supervise the next mon — gently tease, with three fingers together in circles — < strong>heavy hit to do not want🥹 However, the only disadvantage is that the other side of the handle vibrates very weakly, when the heart side is put in, the stimulation of the beans is not enough, but overall the High quality and innovative toys'


by Amy (F)

Quickly surrendered to the trembling pleasure

“Neither my male partner and I have used vibrator, completely newbies and beginners, the sizes I used to see in AV are either very small or very giant (it looks painful), completely unfantasy, more imaginative Not how to use it on yourself, but this sudden heartbeat egg is a bit different, at a glance you can imagine how to use it😈😈.

“The initial experience of the vibrator was quite amazing, at first my partner was a bit resistant, but quickly surrendered to the pleasure of vibrating (and convenience hahaha), and the vibration is adjustable, the lowest vibration is good Comfortable, at least did not scare me, and myfavorite is that the vibrator can easily change the angle, the length is also very suitable, canreach the usual hug with your fingers to not To the place😳 And both ends will vibrate, after inserting into the vagina, I can vibrate back the different parts of the male partner, we share a new experience together, very cool, next time will try different place to explore the sensitivity of different parts of the body together.”

“Also, one thing to praise is that the charger charges very quickly, we forgot to charge it first, but as soon as we took it out we were already burning with desire, quickly plugged in, it worked quickly, it suited me D is anxious.”


by Daisy duck🦆 (F)

No1 in the sex toys I use

"This is my first time playing G-spot stick😳 As a naturally wolf dead and shy, I thought I was selfish to play even, but after telling my boyfriend he said he had to hold a share 😧😳💜 Try yourself at night 🦆🦆 Wow I want to say his head is really good 😧😧🌊🌊 Firstly, he has a devil horn, and secondly, a heartbeat protruding, is so kind of sucking (?) feeling 😧 ❤️Big love.”

“The appearance of the shape is great, I have used other vibrators the shape is not as good as it, the end of the bulge has an arc 🌸 Apull out it feels like support Opened soomg!”

"The attentive part is he finished it has a kind of reminiscent feeling to me, there will be a slight movement and then finish. Simply put the no1 in the sex toy I use😋 😋😋 Very happy! It was a good experience 😍😍 ^ω^ ”


by Bsiu (M)

I didn’t expect that boys can get high even if they use it!

"The heartbeat egg is very cute! The whole little devil😈 is very smooth to the touch, it has a variety of different vibration modes. I think using it is still quite fresh for massage Jiaojiao feels so comfortable😌”

"Putting it in the butt feels more, constantly stimulating the prostate, making me scream constantly. It also comes out of water. I didn't expect that boys can get high with a vibrator!" p>


by Keung (F)

Recall the feeling of heartbeat

"Trying the left chute heartbeat egg reminds me of the feeling of heartbeat 😂. The appearance is quite good, and can stretch and switch the vibration mode, so easier to orgasm 🤣. Although My fingers are stronger, though worth a try”


by Siu Ho (F)

Vibrations are really no joke

“In terms of appearance, the pink color of the heartbeat egg is really beautiful, and it feels very skin-friendly when you hold it, softer than anything I have used before.”

“Once it opened, hervibration was really no joke, it was very comfortable from the clitoris, and her waist was very thin andsmooth to get it Put it in

“If you have a partner, I highly recommend using his app, it will be really exciting 😂🥰”

心跳突突蛋 Mandy回圖

by Mandy (F)

First G-spot orgasm in my life

“I haven’t bought a new vibrator for years, before I used to use AV rods, rarely buy a D put inside the vibrating toy because I used to feel the vibration is not too comfortable. Now I put the inside The vibrating toy has a D change, because the little monster is not just vibrating, it has a D slapping effect, let me know: I don't feel uncomfortable vibrating, just not the effect I like🤭

“Plus, its body is very elastic, you can bend it any way😂, the material is relatively soft and smooth, so it is easy to put in the body, the whole machine is lightweight and compact, and has Bluetooth, even outside You can play 😜

“After trying this little monster this time, he is really a monster🙊, which made me have my first G-spot orgasm, which is really different from C-spot orgasm 😋, you can really try it if you have the chance 😛.”