小怪獸:心跳突突蛋 西嘉試玩員 試玩心得

The heartbeat egg is my second little monster toy, before trying the same look QQ little monster 2, this time there is a new toy to play ~ let the reviewer Jessica I try it!

A, Outlooking & Texture

I completely agree, the design of the Little Monster toy is definitely one of its best features. The pink color adds a cute and playful touch, making it even more appealing. And I'm sure anyone who sees it will be immediately drawn to its adorable appearance.

Multi Use

That's a great point, the Heartbeat Egg definitely has multiple uses and is very versatile. It's great that it can be used as both a massage stick and a vibrator, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a multi-functional toy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on its versatility.

Silicone feels soft and elastic

Touch by hand, although both toys are made of silicone, but the heartbeat egg appearance touch is obviously softer than the little monster Q bouncy d, comfortable and good touch ~ feel slightly better, itchy hands choose this vibrator certainly not wrong.

360 degree arbitrary twist market first seen flexible texture

That's really interesting, the softness and flexibility of the Heartbeat Egg's neck sounds like a unique feature. And if it can be twisted into different angles, it must make for a more personalized and customizable experience.

The Heartbeat Egg's neck does not compromise its durability. That is definitely an important factor to consider when choosing a toy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on its performance as a vibrator.


B. After Use

This time got a Partner to test it with me!

▍Type 1: Massage stick

Front Play

The combination of glowing and vibrating adds a playful element to the experience. And it's great that it can also be used as a suction toy for different sensations.

The heart-shaped position is the "tutu" part

Use with lubricant

Partner covered my eyes, rode up on me, poured a little lube on me, and swept me with the horn of the heartbeat egg

Little horn stimulate nipples

He unexpectedly focused on attacking the nipples with the two horns at the top of the heartbeat egg, which are usually used to tickle them, causing the nipples to quickly stand up.

Then unexpectedly converted to heart-shaped protruding position slapping my nipples, completely good at arousing my desire, get very want🥺

When I looked at him with watery eyes and begged for further action, he said this was a test toy, so I couldn't have him😈, but the stick went down and slowly moved downwards👇

After adding lubricant, the whole sliding feeling is smooth again, cool + vibrating =😳

Clitoral stimulation

Heart pounding sensation between vibration and beating, slowly build up excitement. First gently stick to the vulva, slowly get used to the feel, then spread the labia, directly focus on attack clit, while I will use to rub the clitoris and vaginal opening! Where is Kimochi~😌

"There's an app, why don't you try it?" Then he picked up my phone to unlock it and opened the Little Monster App👾

App Connect

I am using an iPhone XS,After opening the App + turning on Bluetooth, it quickly automatically connects, the interface is the same as Little Monster 2, so everyone who owns Little Monster is blessed😹, do not have to adapt to other interfaces.

The upper right corner of the App shows the remaining battery capacity (but foreplay used for a while has consumed 10% of the battery), the battery may not be the maximum capacity, but it is not harmful

8 Vibration frequencies

You have the option to swipe the screen with your finger or directly select from the 8 different modes built into the vibrator. Personally, I enjoy using my fingers to draw and stimulate, adding an element of surprise by using three fingers at once to reach the most intense vibrating mode.

Shackles at the fingertips M favourite

Hand over the phone to the Partner, let him manipulate, very conquered.

If you are M, highly recommend App remote control toys! Entrust your body with toys to him, let the other person control himself with his fingertips, tame desire great satisfaction! These erotic games that deepen our bonding are so naughty

Then he took out the hand buckle ... ... reverse buckle my hands on the back, not let me move to hang my addiction, jumping egg deliberately hovered beans and vaginal opening, stopped to shock, scratching the boots, so that I twisted left and right on the bed Moving, feeling cool and wanting more, begging him 🥺

Not only do I enjoy this teasing game, but my partner seeing myself under control with a very lustful appearance. My partner looks can't resist with it.

The addition of hand buckle restraints to this cute toy was unexpected, but it adds a great visual impact with its SM elements. 🤤

At this point, he gave me another command: "Lift your butt - lie there with your back on me!"

Finally waited to spoil me with penis🥺 Let me turn over and kneel on the bed, deftly lift the patpat

“Snap!” With a sound, the hot numbness spread in the left butt while the heartbeat egg was caught off guard and entered my body!

As it turned out, he was going to test the toy🥲

▍Type 2: Vibrator

Easy enter

Without sufficient foreplay, there is no need for lubrication when entering with a "whoosh"! The heartbeat egg head is smaller than the little monster and doesn't provide an intrusive feel. However, if you're seeking a full and stuffy sensation, this may not be the best vibrator option for you. The vaginal opening is relatively narrow, so this may be more suitable for beginners.

Then Partner easily bend the rod, stick the end of the rod to my clit, come a C point G point fun 😝 45 degree design just right, while resonance double enjoyment!

Massage the G-spot

The vibration of the monster is not the most powerful class, and it has a motor, the other end of the rod vibrates clit, is the head passed aftershock, the force for me, slightly flat a little, suitable Like gentle to medium stimulation, usually suspect the vibrator is too vibrating, vibrating the hands and lower body are numb friends.

As for the heartbeat egg placed in it, it is sentient and can rub against the G-spot!

The pleasure of thrusting

To fully stimulate the desired position, it is recommended to drive down a little and catch the whole rod due to the softness of the neck during thrusting. Combining vibration and thrusting is a guaranteed way to achieve maximum pleasure.

Coming here...the toys were tested almost, Partner started to punish me with his🐛😃, but these details were left to me🤫, see you next time we test toys!

BTW Incidentally: For a complete test, I have tried its remote function

Remote control is useless


Before Little Monster 2 has been like this, sending the "Timeless Remote Control" invitation Send link, the other party must log in to Facebook / Line account to continue the operation. Hong Kong people rarely have Line, so authorized Facebook to give data little monster, after logging in, and said the connection failed. After going back and forth several times, it was actually quite turn off.

Compared to other toy apps that can be controlled remotely, the little monster really needs improvement in this area, this time the heartbeat egg is not connected, is really quite disappointed.

C. Summary


  • Flexible, all types, massage sticks, vibrators, wearers...
  • "Tud" beat vibrate Feature special
  • App connects quickly
  • Excellent quality, ultimate luxury experience
  • Comfortable hand feeling, high appearance


    • The neck is slightly soft, more difficult to "eat"
    • Vibration power however not lost
    • Remote control is completely unavailable

    ▍I would recommend the Monster Flex vibrator for...

    • Friends who are ready to buy their first toy
    • Friends who pursue cost-effectiveness and all-in-one functions
    • Couple fun choice
    • Want to buy a cute toy, the pursuit of good looks