【性玩具評測文】Satisfyer 好用嗎?12位真實用家告訴你 | 測試員心得分享

If you were given a free sex toy, would you order it? Earlier, Pleasure Point recruited 15 toy testers to try out 5 Satisfyer electric toys They are of various types and can be played by both men and women. They all have novel designs and gameplay in sex toys, such as APP connection! Testers were so thoughtful, they wrote a lot of words and at the same time showed their little creative universes, and took wonderful photos of the toys! Lets see what they say!

by Bi Boy —— Bullseye

Queen, Please let me cum! !

I have never used a cock ring before. When I browsing toys online, I thought cock ring is similar to a rubber band. It locks the root of the penis or locks the penis and scrotum at once to achieve extended ejaculation effect.

While watching adult films, the male actor wearing a cock ring was struggling to ejaculate and needed the female actor to untie the ring. I thought it is just part of the plot in the movie and I am not sure if it is worth trying or not.

This opportunity finally made me want to try it. I glad I try, it feels really great! Bullseye App Remote Control Vibrator gives me a strong feeling for a long time. It feels so comfortable. It feels like a soft finger cot that fits tightly where you want to put it on. The position and the tightness of the lasting ring can be adjusted at will to fit penises of different sizes, it's much more than just a rubber band. After putting it on, I decided to try DIY first. In one word, "YESSSSS", you can control the feeling of EDGING. If you want to enjoy longer, you can make it tighter. It will really feel like porn movies that you want to ejaculate but can't, feeling the edge of pleasure of climax. It also achieves the effect of prolonging ejaculation and exercising endurance.

After rest for a while, I handed my phone to my partner to let her take app control. After playing a while, she became hyper and sat on it directly. , the pleasure of thrusting and vibrating continued to spread through the lower body. The more controlled, the bigger, the harder, the harder, the more controlled, the harder it became. I was so hyper that I thought I was the leading actor in an porn movie. I couldn't help shouting "Queen" "Please let me cum!" " When my partner saw how high I was, she teased me then helped me untie the ring. The moment I untied it, I felt so happy and orgasmic. It is the first time I lasted that long.

To sum up, the Bullseye Cock Ring is really good. After using it, I want to buy more different type of toys. I think each toy has its secret that makes people satisfy, just waiting for us to discover it.

by Jojo —— Supernova

I feel its SO REAL when I lye down

Supernova does not simply vibrating your clit or your G-spot. Because when the whole toy is inserted, it will fill the entire vagina and slurp the clit. I once bought a toy that take both sides, but it felt so loss and felt nothing. The Supernova seems bigger than other dual-purpose toys, but the weight is not a burden and it has two angle adjustments to suit the distance between clit and the vagina. I have tried other dual toys before, but none of them allowed me to adjust the angle. I had to manually hold it in place with my hands, which made the experience less comfortable than using Supernova.

When it comes to sipping the clit, as long as the lower body is not moved, it will not slip and both side work together. It's like the other half is fingering and giving oral sex at the same time. Because you don't need to hold it with your hands, it's feel a real person serving you. The sucking can be adjusted to suit different people's needs. If you only use the suction feature, set to the highest level and it will be super satisfying. But if you add vibration to the G-spot, it will be relatively stimulating if the suction force is too strong. It will feel better if you go for lower level.

I used to try a G-spot vibrator, but I didn't feel any pleasure when it was inserted into my vagina or on my vibrating sensitive areas. As a result, I lost interest in using the toy altogether.My friends and I both felt that it didn’t feel right if it is not real. Of course Supernova is not moving forward and backward, but the shape fits my width, every vibration mode is felt throughout my body. Especially the last 3 modes, they doesn't feel robotic. It feel like a real person, then will have pause gap. From the shallower to the deeper.

I also tried playing with my partner, and found out that holding onto the curved part while simulating thrusting was 50 times more pleasurable than playing alone. The toy's built-in powerful vibration added to the sensitivity at the entrance, and I couldn't feel any interference from myself, making it feel even more realistic and intimate. It also helped my partner save some energy, as they could use it to support themselves during the second half of our playtime. Definitely a must-have toy! 😝

by Alice —— G-spot Flex 4+

Only if I don’t want it, nothing it can't give

First of all, let me talk about some of my habits. I usually rely on the stimulation of my nipples and clitoris to satisfy myself. When I put anything in, I feel odd and feel uncomfortable. There is no particular pleasure when vibrating.

Has this trial of the vibrator opened the door to a new world for me? The answer is yes, and no🤣

The No is I didn’t put the massage stick in to use (it’s too big for me), and the gate of the new world can be connected using the mobile app. Bluetooth controls its vibration combination with the same frequency, giving users greater control.

The design and dual-head vibration of this toy have opened up numerous new ways for me to play. I like to gently squeeze one breast and wait for the massage stick to stimulate both nipples simultaneously, eliminating the need for switching or using multiple toys. After experimenting with different positions, I slowly started to feel warm and ready to move on to the main course. I would turn on the long vibration, between my feet, and use my free hand to touch myself slowly. As my body moves with the sensation, it will vibrate in different positions. Compared to focused stimulation, the effect is pleasantly surprising. Then, I will find my favorite pattern and stick it underneath for the most intense stimulation of my clitoris, wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure. Once I no longer want it, nothing it can't satisfy me, I quickly lose my strength and feel completely relaxed.

Anyway, this massager has many functions. I have tried using the app to adjust the vibration pattern, and also listened to the story and immersed myself in the scene. Although I have not put it in for use, it has already given me enough freshness and surprise.

Sign: Cheese Milk Cover

by M.SLAVE —— Rotator Plug 1+

Great texture, No discomfort.

Test toys:Rotator Plug 1+

After use: This anal plug is amazing! I never thought there could be so many ways to play~

size, weight and curves are satisfying and very comfortable. The power button on the lower left bottom starts to vibrate. The waist area of ​​the anal plug (corresponding to the anal sphincter) also begins to roll, giving it a comfortable feeling like a massage chair~😂 Immediately place it on the perineum and vibrate it, and I am already excited~ I can switch to different modes by pressing the power button a few more times, but I don’t want to get up anymore😂 I just want to free my hands~🤗


Now that the app is downloaded, I can give it a try! It includes "Program Playback", "Scene Control", "Ambient Sound", "Music Atmosphere" and the new "REMOTYCA Story".And I'm most interested in "ambient sound"! It instantly controls the vibration intensity and ball speed of the anal plug by collecting live sounds. Of course I will broadcast PORN immediately~

At the beginning, the sounds of the prelude were already causing the butt plug to vibrate. By the middle of the video, the protagonist was getting more and more excited, and when the screams started to come and go, the butt plug was also getting stronger! It made me feel like I was in the film, feeling like I was the protagonist! Synchronized orgasm! Synchronized excitement! of course! If you don't use it when watching movies, but use it when training. When you train a slave to scream louder, the anal plug will also be harder, and the more you scream, the more pleasurable it will be!

You can also add friends to this app, usually giving up control and allowing the other party to control your orgasm. The master who is far away can continue to control his slave with commands! Control your orgasm!

! ! ! ⚠️Strongly recommended to use it together with the app⚠️! ! !

If you haven't have sex a while and your feel your hole is kinda tight, this anal plug can help you! The streamlined design and the moderately hard and soft material make it easy to put it in. If it is really too tight, you can turn on the vibration. The comfort will make the anus slowly relax. With proper lubrication and gentle thrusting back and forth, the anal plug will be inserted. By using this anal plug as a prelude, it is guaranteed that your hole will be wide open in no time, so you can enjoy anal sex comfortably! ❤

Cleaning: Fully waterproof and smooth design, with great texture, you are not afraid even have a 💩mudslide crisis💩! Because the waterproof design protects the cross-voltage potential, there is no need to worry about water entering. Just rinse it with mild detergent and water and wash it, and you're done! Don’t worry about stain or smell at all ~ wipe it dry, and good to storage ~👍

Conclusion: 100 points! I just want to lie down, continue to play movies, collect ambient sounds, and enjoy the pleasure ~ Just download and install the app. Even if you don’t have a partner or a host, you are guaranteed to have a satisfying and dynamic Christmas by watching this movie! 🎄🎁🎉"

by Yan —— Bullseye

Scrotum numbness control my ejaculation.

Unique hanging mouth design is perfect for men to use during masturbation😳. The cock ring rubs against the lower body and provides vibrations to the scrotum, creating a pleasurable numbing sensation🙈 that can't be achieved with a traditional masturbation cup🥺.

When using it alone, I recommended to remove half of the underwear and secure the permanent ring on the scrotum. While masturbating, you will experience a sensation of wanting to ejaculate, but being stopped by the numbness in the scrotum😏. This is due to the product's description of delayed ejaculation🙈. When your partner is not around, you can use it for "self-practice"! ! 😜

As for using the ring with your partner, I don't really recommend it. During vigorous activity, the ring may slip and need to be readjusted, which can disrupt the atmosphere and hinder pleasure. Therefore, I suggest using it by yourself to "practice your skills".🤓

by Lily —— Bullseye

It's a vibrating dildo!

Advantages: 1. Super easy to wear (However, it is best for men to trim or a chance of pulling the hair) 2. The hoop buries the balls, and my boyfriend love < strong >it can stimulate the perineal position, and I (female) like it in this way so that I won’t hit the cock ring during the moment. I had another one that would vibrate the cock ring before, but that one only wears it to the base of the penis, so when I’m thrusting, the massage bit of the cock ring will bump into me, and it’ll be painful (or just I’m not used to it?), so it will distract me. 3. After putting on , it feel dildo and vibrating (not that intense of course)

Other comments: 1. Because of the design of the cock ring, I have tried to thrust it in and out. 2. The vibration of the cock ring is not so intense, and it is ok for teasing, but I cannot treat it as a vibrator. Use, 3. Boyfriend / I don’t think using the left one lasts longer/is thicker

by Amber —— Cutie Heart

Convenient for both solo and partner play.

With its pink appearance and smooth body, you'll fall in love with this cute heart as soon as you touch it. The two ends of the heart are responsible for vibrating and sucking, so you can experience both sensations without losing anything. I was initially worried that it would be too big to handle, but after using it, I found it to be convenient for both solo and partner play. When you place the heart towards the vagina, the concave area can easily hold your index finger, preventing any surprise or loss of grip (from excitement)!

*WFH tip: It can also be used as a paperweight, when you getting bored you can...….

by 小穴子 —— Cutie Heart

Reach orgasm under a minute!

This time, I received a trial toy, the Cutie Heart heart-shaped clitoral sucking vibrator. After the store clerk introduced its functions to me, I immediately tried it out that night. At first, I slowly experimented with the suction and vibration levels. I discovered that the toy's vibration function in the suction device was definitely a plus! As long as you place it in the right position, you can reach climax in under a minute !

Another little trick is to gently move the suction device outwards while it sucks on the clitoris. It feels like your partner is sucking on your clit, and the slight tugging sensation adds to the excitement! Combined with the right level of vibration, it quickly takes me to heaven. It definitely makes me want to pick it up again and continue playing with it the next day. I also suggest trying different positions and exploring new ways to use it for a different and even more pleasurable experience🤤

Also!It’s another feeling to have your partner hold it and help you play with it! It will definitely increase the intimacy between you and him. The sucking vibrator is temporarily at the top tier of suction toys!

by Na —— Supernova

The texture is good and you won’t feel any discomfort.

The toy is easy to use. It can be adjusted to three different angles, but it works best when the G-spot is positioned correctly. If you prefer only using the sucker without the vibrator, it may not be suitable. However, both the vibrator and sucker have varying levels of intensity, making it suitable for those who enjoy different levels of intensity. The texture is great, so you won't experience any discomfort.  

by M —— G-spot Flex 4+

Easy for beginners.

I have no experience using G spot's vibrator before. I thought would it be difficult for beginner to use. It would not feel odd with that slender neck. You can also freely adjust the angle to stimulate your most sensitive points. What I appreciate most is that this 4th generation can be used with brand-linked apps. Although the pairing process takes a bit time, the modes of using the app after pairing are more varied, which also makes me happy. successfully to reach my G-spot orgasm~

by K —— G-spot Flex 4+

Can use with apps, definitely a multifunctional toy

Powerful and detailed vibrations make for a satisfying experience. The silicone material of the handle allows for a firm grip without disrupting the vibrations at the front.

The toy can be used in various ways and can be adjusted at different angles. The vibrations are strong, with different levels of intensity to choose from. Unlike some vibrators on the market that come out too strong and can cause discomfort or overstimulation, this one allows for customizable levels of intensity to suit different needs. The size is also just right, with a medium thickness that doesn't cause any discomfort when inserted into the vagina. Plus, it can also be controlled through an app, making it a versatile and convenient toy.

by Brian —— Rotator Plug 1+

My boyfriend keeps using apps tease me in bus.

The app-connected vibrating anal plug is a delightful surprise. With multiple vibration modes, it can stimulate different sensitive areas. Plus, the surface is so smooth that it won't hurt your hole 🌼~

The bottom is wide enough for holding or sitting. The most surprising feature is that it can be connected to an app! My boyfriend, who was on the bus, kept using the app to tease until he muted me from screaming, and no one else found out😌. I guess I'll have to try it in even wilder places until my little hole becomes more controllable than my boyfriend🤫.