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[Product Review] Satisfyer Pro 2+ Vibrating Clitoral Suction  (Part 2)

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Hello everyone ~
I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Diane!

This time we will use the perspective of a beginner to test the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Vibrating Clitoral Suction Device! !

I often hear people say that using a suction toy can quickly orgasm, but I have never tried to use it ~ I heard that many friends start the sucker is Satisfyer, so ... let's start!

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▍Why Choose Satisfyer?

Many people don’t know! The clitoral suction device was developed by the international brand Womanizer ~
Satisfyer from Germany is known as the "people-friendly version of Womanizer", both in terms of price and quality strong>, very friendly for newbies or veterans of clitoral sex toys! The Pro 2+ tested this time has more vibration functions than the Pro 2, and has sold millions of pieces worldwide with price and quality Choose!


Price $480
Size 164mm x 45mm x 64mm
Origin Germany
Water Resistance IPX7
Material ABS, skin-friendly silicone
How to Charge USB
Warranty 1-year store warranty

Satisfyer has a patented revolutionary Air Pulse technique that stimulates the clitoris in a mimic suction form without direct contact.
Research shows that about 70% to 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. The clitoral sucker meets the needs of women in this area, in the world of sex toys, it can be said to have subverted the impression that women only use insert sex toys!

Satisfyer has also won more than 400 international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, the German iF Design Award and the Australian Good Design Selection.

Let's unbox right away! !

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 包裝圖 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具



The experience of a product starts with unboxing! The packaging design is one of the reasons I would describe it as ``ritual'' (●°u°●)''

The packaging design uses a lively and simple way of color, which removes our traditional and serious/kinky impression of sex toy packaging. It is indeed the brand that won the design award! The magnetic packaging, ribbon pull ring, and disposable tear-off seal ensure that the product is not opened before use and is very textured! ! Opening it all the way is like unpacking a gift! 🥺

Accessories include a USB magnetic charging cable and instructions, both of which are wrapped up, neat and hygienic.

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 包裝封條 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具
It has been full of texture since unboxing (˶ ̅᷄ −̫ ̅᷅˵) If you give it to someone, you will be very happy to receive it! ! Like me, if you use it yourself, it's even more of a gift for yourself ~ ( ́▽`)ノ



Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 機身外觀 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具
Rose gold with white appearance, like a beauty machine!

Size and weight
The size of a home machine, it would be more appropriate to use at home - weighing 115 grams, about the weight of a 4-inch iPhone 5, very lightweight, carrying will not feel tired and heavy.

The handle is an ergonomic round contour that feels very good and is quite suitable for holding at different angles.

The appearance is matte rose gold with white, and as it looks, it really looks like a beauty machine! ! ! Just put it on the table will feel very elegant ( ́▽`) free time to shake the eye bags to remove swelling is quite comfortable ~



Officially, the charging time is 4 hours. When charging, the body will light up as a flash to prompt, the button will turn on when finished. The magnetic charging form is very convenient! Plus, the whole machine is formed in one piece, so there is no need to worry about leakage.

In a quiet indoor environment at night, the ambient sound before turning on is about 40 decibels. During the test, I turned both the suction mode and vibration mode of the Pro 2+ to maximum, about 70 decibels, which is almost the same as the sound of the refrigerator and the air conditioner! The mute function is excellent.

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 聲音分貝分別 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具



Many people view sex toys as "sex alternatives", and suckers will naturally be seen as oral sex substitutes. But I wondered: Why are sex toys simulating sex? Is it the sex involving the Other that is the most sublime indicator of sex?

No, in fact, sexual pleasure does not necessarily need to be for others. Sex with otherness is choice, and one’s sexuality can be choice. One is never equal to being alone, one can be free.

In my past experience with sex, I have never been very interested in oral sex, with a kind of uneasiness about exposing myself directly to others. Because of worry, they were unable to enjoy the sexual pleasure between the two, and due to psychological factors, they were unable to enjoy physical and sensory stimulation.

This trial of the suction device gave me an opportunity to let go of my anxiety and simply enjoy the stimulation brought by clitoral suction, using my senses to experience the changes, flows of body and emotions, and return my gaze on yourself.

Actually, whether it’s one person or more than one person, it’s a different kind of joy and excitement.


▍Suction and Vibration

【11 suction frequencies |10 vibration frequencies】

Suction ✕ Vibration


The Pro 2+ is an upgraded version of the Pro 2. The biggest difference is that there are 10 more vibration modes, which is a big upgrade for me! The sensitivity of the clitoris is amplified during sucking. More than a pure clitoral suction or a vibrator is able to turn me on, it can be said to have opened the door to a new world! !

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 吸水動圖 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具
Demonstrations are suction intensity -11 and vibration mode -3 (the strongest number of segments in continuous vibration mode).

11 suction modes
The 11 suction modes include different intensity from weak to strong, there are different options, suitable for beginners to slowly explore the right intensity, so do not be afraid of one Come on it's too stimulating for the clitoris!

I myself feel that from the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs have a feel, if you like to come slowly, slowly enjoy the feeling of teasing, the 3rd paragraph will be very suitable! By the 7th and 8th paragraphs, it is a deeper stimulation, with the vibration pattern, you can have an orgasm very quickly ~ Going to the 10th and 11th paragraphs, it is too strong for me.

In addition, the buttons for adjusting the intensity are separate "+"/"-" two different buttons. In use, it can be very convenient to enhance and weaken according to the state to adjust different intensities, without washing a single keystroke.

10 Vibration Modes
While vibration may not be the focus of the sucker, the design of the Pro 2+ Vibration Mode has been a sublimation for me, experience-wise! ! !୧⃛(๑⃙⃘⁼̴̀꒳⁼̴́๑⃙⃘)୨⃛

In terms of mode, since there is no official relevant information, here is my experience.
The first 3 segments are progressive continuous vibrations, from weak to strong. The 4th segment begins with a fixed variable frequency. while segments 8 to 10 are biased toward random variable frequency.
The fixed variable frequencies of segments 4 to 7 are:
4 - Continuous Short; - Quick slap.
For the random variable frequency in sections 8 to 10...
Section 8 is the general variation speed;
Section 9 rhythm is more rapid, suitable for friends who pursue passion;
Paragraph 10 rhythm is slower , can match the breathing and emotional flow, suitable for friends who like to enjoy slowly.

I myself have always preferred random variable frequency, of which the 9th tempo is faster and chaotic, which suits me best (●°u°●)”. But the 7th segment (quick beat) in the fixed variable frequency has surprises! 🥺 Use with suction mode, quick tap mode will soon have a good feel

Number of recommended segments: 7, 8, 9

貓仔舔水Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 噴水動圖 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具
To make it clearer, I added a little watercolor to the silicone head!

This time we opted for Wet Stuff Plus, a water-based lubricant with a neutral texture and a little thickness. Lubricant is not necessarily necessary to use a sucker. But with the addition of lubricant, the silicone head and labia will be more tight, which can improve the stimulation during the suction and vibration process.

Silicone head
The material is medical grade silicone, probably matte to satin, personally quite like this texture! Very skin-friendly, not too smooth and mechanical. The size and oval shape of the silicone head is just right to fit the labia position, can precisely stimulate the clitoris!

nipple stimulation
The possibilities of toys are up to us to discover! After my exploration, I found that it was quite stimulating and fresh to take and suck on the nipples. And the sucker doesn’t have to be for one person, it works fine for foreplay with your partner!

IPX7 waterproof technology
Class IPX7, the same specifications as the Apple Watch, that is, 1 meter in water can be soaked for 30 minutes without breaking. The official said that you can take it to the shower or bathtub to use, the suction feeling in the water will be stronger.

Due to environmental limitations, there is no way to test the bathtub use experience with you. ( ) As for shower use, I think there is nothing special about the feeling of use, it is more of a play ~ However, I like to lie in bed comfortably use more😂


▍Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning is something I'm quite concerned about, to extend the life of toys you have to kiss and wash ~

Detachable silicone head
Cleanliness can be taken as a whole to wash very convenient! And the body and silicone head can be removed and cleaned, so you don't have to worry about dirty things accumulating in the middle gap! This is done quite carefully.

The unit itself cannot be placed upright and does not come with any base or storage bag Storage may be a little less convenient ~


Overall, I think the Pro 2+ is really the king of value for money! Of course, no product is perfect, and if you take the Pro 2+ to compare with Womanizer or Lelo, there will certainly be areas that can do even better in terms of performance. But with a mid-priced suction/vibrator, it would be too harsh to compare with high-priced products in terms of performance. It's only four hundred dollars! ! ! At its price point in terms of quality is already in great value, the functions are also enough to do more than enough!

There is no best product, only the best product for you!

And looking at the macro, Satisfyer product line development is also very mature, in addition to different products have their own selling points, they are also very careful in all aspects of product design, many details are taken care of.

To see more Satisfyer products, click here ~

little surprise: amazing battery life

The most fearful thing about playing with toys is that there is no electricity... (。 ́︿ ̀。) The official claims that its operation time is 60 minutes, but after my own test, I think its usage time must not be Stop 60 minutes😂 The thing is that after I charged it once, after using it almost 5-6 times, it still has power! ! The battery life is amazing! ∑(゚Д゚)


[Rating: 8.4/10 ]


▍Advantages - Suitable for: beginners, students, friends who want to try different functions

Value for money
Comparing similarly priced products of the same type, the Satisfyer Pro 2+ is arguably the highest overall quality and most comprehensive of them all. Many novices have difficulties when choosing a new toy, because they don't know if their body fits with the toy, and they don't know if they should choose a low, medium or high price point toy - low price level is afraid of performance trade-offs Way to get the complete experience of the toy, high price and afraid of buying back not to the liking.

And the Satisfyer Pro 2+ is giving us a more all-round experience so we know if the sucker is truly for us and is very student-friendly!

Various frequencies and modes
The suction modes and vibration modes of the Pro 2+ are quite diverse and varied, and have varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses, more able to enable novices Explore your own preferences and sexual pleasure.


Lack of lightweight
The advantage of the larger handle of the Satisfyer Pro 2+ is that it feels really good to hold and use at different angles . But one-sided, the Pro 2+ is not portable enough, are mainly for home use.

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Properties Hexagon Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys Sucker Vibrator Package Seal Bean Bean Clitoral Clit Sucker Review Masturbation Sex Toys Adult Sex Toys

Incidentally, Satisfyer has launched the One Night Stand non-rechargeable clitoral suction device and the Love Triangle smart app remote-controlled portable clitoral vibrator suction for portability and value for money Siper, great for staycation, travel, and even outside use. But compared to the Pro 2+, while the body is smaller, it is also relatively to compromise in functionality and feel.

Montrealust has written about their feelings after using Love Triangle!
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Product link:
One Night Stand (Price:78HKD)
Love Triangle (Price:468HKD )