Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 包裝封條 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具

【Toy Review】Satisfyer Pro 2+ - Ritual of Masturbation (Part 1)

The opposite of loneliness is freedom.

When masturbating, sometimes I don’t need any AV, or photos, or sweet stories.

The steam that filled the bathroom and the geranium shower gel rushed out of the door. When I get back to my room, I like to just turn on a yellow light (it doesn’t need to be too intense); burn a sacred wood or light a candle (recently I like myrrh, frankincense and patchouli); and spray on my favorite perfume - not for Anyone, just because that's what I like to smell on myself.

Then, I will play the music I like, sometimes it’s records, sometimes it’s spotify, or street music, or Bandcamp... The song I chose today is "Bird Bird Bird" by Deca Joins, which is always weird when I masturbate recently. Thinking of Deca Joins may be due to habit.

The rhythm of the music alone is enough for me to enjoy the pleasure brought by my body, which is pure and beautiful.

When I opened the package I received this morning, I found a blue box with a magnetic pull tab, intact and exquisite texture, just like a gift - it didn't come from anyone, the gift was ordered by me.

"I let the air pass through my body
Enter thickly and go lightly"

I lit a cigarette casually, humming and swaying. Tear open the note in the box, take the body in your hand, the rose gold looks bright in the dark night, play with it, sucking frequency, 1…2…3…4…, vibration, 1…2….

I put out my cigarette, took off my bathrobe, and got into the bed.

Put your body between your lips, the pulse of the air and the stirring of the clitoris all follow the rhythm of music and breathing. I couldn't help but moan, and even my body squirmed. My breath gradually became tighter, and I felt numb. I clamped my legs and gasped for air.

"I feel like the world is tilting
I'm about to fall into the abyss. I close my eyes"

I think of the oral sex experience and also of him. I don't know what other people think of oral sex, I personally don't like it.

That day, in bed, he asked me: "What is sex to you?" I thought for a moment, "To me, sex is probably about showing off my weaknesses." But I thought. After all, it is a very personal matter. Everyone can have different ideas about love and sex at different times and with different people, right? Anyway, I am more uneasy about oral sex.

Uneasiness comes from the fact that making love is never just about two (or more) bodies having sex. This involves differences in power, which more or less breaks the appropriate distance between people.

But masturbation is different. When I masturbate, I don’t need to explain anything to anyone. Don't worry about others or anything else except yourself. The purpose of masturbation is only to satisfy yourself.

At least when I masturbate, I focus on myself. At that time, I was selfish and self-loving, and it was purely my enjoyment.



Satisfyer Pro 2+ Sex Toys 吸吮器 震動器 豆豆 陰蒂 陰蒂吸吮器 評測 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具


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