Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特

As anyone with a penis knows, the pleasure of masturbating with bare hands is extremely limited. In fact, the penis has the spirit of "Shennong" and desires to experience all the hundreds of cups in the world. Just as herbs have upper, middle, and lower three pints, masturbation cups also have different levels. The top-grade masturbation cup can keep someone hidden in their room for hours, not felling tired ; while the low-grade masturbation cup will leave them regretting the moment their penis touches it.

Do not want to be deceived, actually not difficult, as Golden brother big recommend their favouriteR20, and someone might even have tattooed "I luvR20hk" on a magical spot on their body...

We have a customer who comes probably every six months, no matter how long, every time he checks out with the “R20 third generation”. His affection for the R20 made my curiosity explode. Although the masturbation cup can be washed and used again, there will be a day of death. And I believe“God has closed a door and will surely open another window for you”. Is he taking away your R20 to make you meet another R20

be like...

Japanese masturbation cups are released every month, and novelty funny extremely, such as crackers and other strange shapes. In fact, if I don't live with my family, I really want to play with pretending to be stuck in the wall and can't get away「Kabe Shiri」, with two more holes inserted between her legs, and pubic bones are stuck in between!

Pleasure Point, which keeps up with trends, often searches for these novelties. Who would not want to try them when they came to Pleasure Point?

"Why does it drive you to only use the R20 third generation for years? Is it love? Or is it responsibility?"


R20:Twenty who is always eighteen

In fact, when you ask for cup recommendations on Golden, it always appear "R20" these licensed answers. The first and second generations of the R20 appeared in 2011 and 2014 respectively, and no one thought there would still be a third generation. When there are endless new gimmicks every month, even version 3.0 has a feeling of "ancient products", without a sense of new products and new souls. Old things and things will be eliminated by the times. It is human nature to leave comments asking "It's been out for a long time, is there a new model?"


But when I saw the "Hot Spring 2(release on 2017)", still ranked in the top ten of the monthly best-selling list of Japanese custom shops, although I can't say anything big, since then I have felt very friendly when I saw the R20! R20 can become the line that Hong Kong and Taiwanese still have the face to talk about export today, certainly not simple!

R20, as the name suggests, is 20 years old. In addition there is a name, called "second killer". It's a mess inside, a "fleshed mess". The first generation, will conquer men with "big branches" with high-precision flesh-patterned flesh, and is very attractive; the second generation is very good at tricks, will use thick flesh coating to lure rough men to the gentle countryside, then torture In comparison, the third generation channel is more concise, but more fleshy than the first generation, more powerful than the second generation, with two generations of good things, the length requirements are more reasonable, The material is softer and becomes the new second-kill artifact.

Whether using which generation of brothers stated that in the past it was themselves with a few hours to play the cup clatter, and myself, within 5 minutes to lose to R20.

Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 第一代第二代R-20通道對比圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 第三代R-20通道圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特

R20:Excellent experience

That day the customer repurchased the R20 again, which made me curious and couldn't help but pay to take it home.

When I took it to unpack, I understood the mood of the "Lam Tin Guy" at the moment. Theholes, very tempting.

Apply good lubrication hastily inserted, but not even entered to slide · left · out · out. I burst into tears. Although the R20 third generation is the softest of the three generations, it is stiff. Plus, the hole was recessed vertically and didn't have a slope to slip me in, so the penis wasn't hard enough to insert. Wearing a Cock Ring, after all the hardships, I finally got in.

"What? That's it?"

Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 上手圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特

In is in, but the moment is not cool, it is cool and disappointed. There is a voice emerging inside, man, the name of"second killer" , is it fake? Or do I have a more superior physique than Goldener? The blurry touch, what worried me was not whether I would be seconded by it, but whether I would have to beat it out by hand before the masturbation cup.

After realizing my own stupidity, I learned that everything requires a license test, including using a masturbation cup. The first question is, what should be done after applying lube and before inserting the masturbation cup?

It's exhaust.

Japan's monthly rated as 2x airplane cup masturbation cup masters said, not drain the cup d air to plug, simply wasting the masturbation cup, because after exhaust, masturbation cup irritation willIncreased 3 times

Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 排氣指引圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特

So I regained my confidence and re-entered the game a few days later, realizing that the R20 third generation was very good at sucking. After the exhaust, the R20 third generation channel, then entered the vacuum state, I felt every bit of the R20 third generation flesh fit itself, I felt the beginning of happiness, I felt the The beginning of semen extraction!The R20 third generation has no suction power thanTenga Air-Tech Seriesthat savage, it doesn't fight your penis, but a sluggish suction that secretly pulls half a condom out with unimpeded thrusts.Although each Toy’s Heart airplane cup will ask people to use it with the exhaust, the suction strength of each model is not the same, such as the previous oneStudent Council President not as experienced as the R20 third generation.

As the R20 third generation completely filled me, I felt so moved that it no longer hid anything and gave itself fully to me. I was determined to get to know it intimately. The constant squeezing of its midsection flesh made the passage very narrow, tightly holding me. As I inserted it into the tight uterine opening, I felt completely addicted and couldn't get enough. Meanwhile, the two large lumps of flesh in its mouth launched a licking offensive against my roots. I was scared, afraid that with every thrust I would reach climax because I couldn't get enough...

Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 動態抽插圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
Look at the shape, it is totally sticking with me...

I then stopped at the uterine opening, thinking of resting. I thought it would be fine as long as I stopped thrusting, but when I thought about doing a ballet spinning circle with him, I rubbed his in the "drilling wood to make fire" style When the cup was cupped, the big lump of flesh inside her uterus swirled around my dick, causing me to ejaculate... for five minutes...

Novices can't go wrong with blind selection

Goldener finally has the truth, R20 is really good!Never judge a book by its cover, also don't judge an onahole by its structure。Although the concept and physical appearance of the third generation of R20 are mediocre, the cylindrical model does not attract people's imagination, and the channel structure elements are not as gimmicky as the new product, but I know it is so attractive after using it. strong>, the structure elements ensure its excitability.

For novices who do not pay attention to appearance, do not focus on whether it is a new model, just want to use the airplane cup cool to the end,R20 third generation is definitely an extremely high fault tolerance choice, then use this experience as a criterion, build your own paradise.

Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART R-20洞口圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
R20's holes quite big
Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 洞口近鏡 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
There are two large particles at the entrance
Toy's Hearts R-20 Sex Toys TOY'S HEART 搞笑打扮圖 飛機杯 飛機杯評測 動漫杯 自慰 情趣用品 成人用品 性玩具 Toy's Heart 對子哈特
Let's dress it up a little